lunch with Jesus

LUNCH WITH JESUS I decide I want to have lunch with JESUS! i pack a light lunch and head out. As i walk looking down at the shells on the beach i notice they are all beautiful new shells. No barnacles or tiny pieces just gorgeous shiny gifts. this bothers me because i don’t feel …

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Imagine Footpaths… You are A child… Which one Do you choose… Knowing not Of Right or wrong You pick the path In full bloom Long, skinny stemmed Wild sunburst yellow daisies Laying lazily Soaking up the Mid day sun Kiwi and lemonade grasses Lean and tall Dance to the rhythm of The summer breeze A …

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HE whispers to me

“We lay ourselves down…” that 
my friend 
is a powerful statement… Dear Sheri, “tiny little soul 
curled up in a ball 
lie within the palm of my hand 
and know you are home…” 
”teenage wonder girl hiding 
in the corner 
arms stretched up towards light lay upon my shoulder and I shall hold you…” “young …

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i am washed ashore with the rise of the suns early morning light. God has placed me upon the sand as i lie next to a long stick. covered in barnacles, broken off from a limb. it floated into shore and now lies next to me. together we are whole for i too am a …

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i stand within my own story today knowing you too have your own story… one which i do not know, but your truths led you along a path which in turn now leads me down the path of needed forgiveness … as i sit at my desk my heart begins to beat fast knowing these …

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