6 kids, one husband & a white picket fence at nautilus teachings


when i was young
i wanted one husband
6 kids
a big house
and to grow old
with all my grandchildren
running in and out of
the house
that built our family…
then life took over…
mom died
i divorced
i married one more time…
are you giggling yet?
funny thing is,
the guy i married
had the same dream
when he was young!
he married
and married me…
to tell you
we are a perfect fit,
would not be a lie…
we balance
each other so well
it’s kind of creepy
we are from different
parts of the u.s.
we both have kids
he’s einstein
i am miss common sense…
but he makes me laugh
when i am crying
he makes me giggle
when i am mad
and when i tell him
to fuck off
(in the most loving way!)
i end up nearly
wetting my pants
from his silly antics!
i did not live the life
my mom wanted me to have
i don’t like the country club life
i did not need the white picket fence
or a rich man


what i needed
was someone who got me.
who wanted me to live my truths,
who was not afraid
of me speaking my mind.
who embraced my
whimsical artsiness
and loved me
for who i was,
not who he needed
or wanted me to be…
together we have 5 kids,
two dogs
one grandchild
and the hopes
that one day
our tiny
cocoa beach
love shack
will be bursting
with sleeping bags
family barbecues
sharing our life stories
with all our
children and grandchildren…
it’s ok to have this dream
we both believe in it…
but we also know
reality says
not in this lifetime…
which is why we both agree
if we get to heaven
and God says to us,
“would you like to be reborn
or stay here?”
we are both going to choose
we will search
until we find each other
and have the chance
to live our dream
or as winston churchill says,
“never, never, never give up!