a moment on the lips at nautilus teachings


we look in the mirror
and their it is
that cookie we ate yesterday
hanging onto our hip
waving at us and saying,
‘thanks for adding me to your life…’
we stare at the luscious dessert
presented at a friends house
and think
‘i can’t eat that. you know what they say,
a moment on the lips
is a lifetime on the hips…’
ugh you close your eyes
throw you head back
take a deep breath
and pick up the spoon.
life is about enjoyment.
one of my favorite quotes is from the book
Eat Pray Love
by elizabeth gilbert
a beautifully written story
of her journey from brokenness
into fullness-

the sweetness of doing nothing

i love how these words
simply roll off your tongue
so effortlessly you instantly smile
at this truth.
when tasting the sweetness of life
we quite often find ourselves
surrounded with food.
as women the visual role models presented
to us today in media
are mostly filled with
men on the other hand
metabolize faster
can eat twice as much
and never have a problem
eating your cake
and theirs.

with every decade
our bodies change
in order for us to
even resemble ourselves
in our 30’s or 40’s
we have to count our calories
exercise at least three times a week
cut back our alcohol consumption-
because, ladies ‘these are just empty calories…’
all the while watching our spouses
get thinner
eat more
never having to worry about
getting fat.
i could stop right here and scream
but the reality is
this is life.
they are the hunters
we are the gatherers…
on many occasions
i have caught myself
repeating to my daughters
the words my mother
spoke to me
‘eat it now, while you can
because when you hit 30-
BAM! straight to the hips!’
recently at one of my paint nights
a mother and daughter were
having a lively conversation
about bathrooms,
“mom, you know how dumb that is, right?”
‘what do you mean? of course it’s not dumb.
you just wait till you are my age,
then you will understand.’
“mom, dad will never not love you
if you put on weight.”
‘it’s not about your father.
it’s about me
loving me…’
at this point i am over there
completing engrossed in their conversation
other women have also stopped
and the room is quiet.
they both look up and giggle.
the daughter then says to us all,
“my mom hates looking at herself in the bathroom mirror
when she goes to take a shower, isn’t that ridiculous?”
every one of us over the age of 40 smiles
our eyes light up and almost in unison yell
we all laugh for a moment and then
her mom speaks,
‘every baby i had is here’
(she grabs her belly sag)
‘every bagle, muffin, bit of cake
and glass of wine is here’
(she grabs her hips and pats her butt and thighs)
‘why couldn’t it all just go here?’
(she holds her boobs)
by now we are all hysterical with laugher
nodding our heads
mumbling in agreement amongst ourselves.
‘but,’ her mother continues
‘it’s here that i hold it all,
the place that weighs the most…’
she points to her heart
we become silent again
and nod our heads.
the mom then goes over to the snack bar
and grabs the plate of cookies
she begins passing them out
to every one in the class
then one by one
we enjoy



the daughter smiles
eats her cookie
then wraps her mom
in a huge hug
we all sigh
some well up in tears
and then,
the girl places her hand
upon her heart
“mom, my heart is full of the love
you gave me, and i don’t care if
i have an extra 15lbs because
YOU taught me to love myself
first and foremost…”
her moms eyes drip a few tears
and then we all go back to painting.
maybe now
the next time we stand
fully exposed in front
of the bathroom mirror
we will just wink at ourselves
and think like helen mirren
“at 70 years old,
if i could give my
younger self one piece of advice,
it would be to use
the words ‘fuck off’
much more frequently…”
so let’s all say together
fuck off fat!
and enjoy
the sweetness of doing nothing