a “PAUSEDAY” at nautilus teachings


august is nearly here
kids are heading
back to school
summer camps are over
parents are hitting
target and wal-mart
for supplies
it is the
dog days of summer
and a terrific time
by this time each year
we feel a bit beat up
run down
out of breath
and new ideas
this whole body
it’s own vacation
maybe even it’s own
so i vote before
the madness begins
let’s all take a

you decide where it fits in
your last week of summer
and commit to doing it…
inform your family
and co-workers
next week
i am taking a “PAUSEDAY”
don’t add it to your weekend
because then you will
plan a mini vacay
or overwork yourself
with more weekend
to get it all done…
this day is one
of whatever feeds
your soul-
not the kids
the dogs
the friends
or even your spouses…
this day is your

crank down the AC
if you like it cold
put on your favorite sweatshirt
close the mini blinds
and just veg out
in whatever way
makes you happy….
maybe it’s floating on raft
alone on the water
or hidden away with a new book
you will devour in one day
and maybe,
just maybe
it’s sitting alone
with all your thoughts
and memories
recalling what a
of a summer you have had…
take the kids to the sitter
or grandparents house
letting them know
this visit will probably
turn into a sleepover
because this is your one
have more than one coffee
watch your favorite movies

eat cheetos, doritos, donuts and crap
all day long
take a nap or two
whatever it takes
for your soul to finally say,
“wow! thank you for
acknowledging all the
work i do
the punches i take
the meals i cook
the driving i do
the long hours at work
the diapers i change
the laundry
the errands…..”
give yourself

plan your
before the madness
of school commitments,
fall festivals
and holidays
gets here
tell everyone
“i am taking one day for the team!”
then let go of the guilt
of taking self love
self care
self rest…
when the day draws
to a close
and the noise begins
to infiltrate your
surroundings once more
don’t forget
to count all your blessings
write down all
you are grateful for
and at 2:00am
when your little one
wakes up
“mommy, mommy, mommy…”
or your teenager needs
a ride to practice,
your husband
informs you he’s bringing
guests home for dinner
when your dog
is sitting at the door
leash in mouth
waiting to be walked
on your “PAUSEDAY”
the warm fuzzies
you felt,
let them rise up
all around you
like tiny little bubbles
and as each one
pop, pop, pops
all over you
feel the magic
the power
you truly have
over your life…
you know what?
you got this, girl.
you are always enough.
all ya gotta have is
a little faith
and every now
and then a few
to breath in and out
this amazing life
you have
assuring everyone you love,
you have their backs
knowing at all times