and then they leave you at nautilus teachings


and then
they leave you…
the place is quiet
the Admiral has gone
back to his family
and the gentleman
at the end of the hall
has passed away
two of the ladies
are asleep
one is in the shower
two are at the breakfast bar
i gaze over at mom
she looks happy
a big smile
i can see she is clean
fed, rested and feeling
energy today
this makes my heart sing…
in the corner
another woman sits
she is alone
she waits
for a phone call
a visit
and she is always
there to talk
and ready to journey
to the out of doors
at a moments notice …
just say the word
and she pops up,
“let’s go, i’m ready…”
there is only one gentleman left
and he –
once a weatherman
who had a severe stroke
will sit and talk to you for hours
about weather…
so on this day
with the clouds rolling in
he greets me with
“there’s a front coming in…
rain, rain, rain..”
he continues on
each syllable hard to decipher
but if you just catch
every 10th word
you know it’s about weather
and you can easily drop a few words
to keep him conversing…

i sit with mom,
“how are the kids?
what’s new with you all?”
we sit for an hour
and i fill her in on all the haps…
they all wait
in the night
when the rain falls
as the birds sing
the children play
and the wind blows
they still listen
for the fading music
even as they witness
the color fading from their life
as their light dims
one visit recharges
their batteries temporarily…
visiting mom
is something
as you know is tough, but i cherish it
i want to walk this path with her
i want to be a part of her journey
if i could, i would bring her home
but life dictates otherwise
i am not married to bill gates!
she has taught me patience
and the importance of never
forgetting that which gave us life…
she did not have to birth me
to be a loving force within my life
i get to have her
as my mom-in-law
and every day she wakes
across the bridges from me
i hope
she can hear my prayers
to God
asking her for one more day
and the strength to endure…
i won’t let her give up
i tell to fight aging
to work hard in physical therapy
because if she does
and if she is able to stand again
to take back just a tiny amount of life
it will make her days easier
her anxiety less
and the hopes that she stops
praying to die
and we get to selfishly enjoy
the stories of her life
which absolutely
bring us all to happy tears…


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  1. Pam

    Sweet. Aging at this stage when in a nursing him is sad to me for those who don’t get calls, visits, etc. Bless you for being there for her.

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