annoying loved ones at nautilus teachings

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do you love someone
who sometimes
annoys the
crap out of you?
makes you mad?
maybe even makes you think,
“i want to put duct tape over their mouth…”
if not,
then you are not married…
marriage is passionate work!
it’s the acceptance
and understanding
that you are both flawed.
the problem though,
lies within having that sixth sense
when they walk in the door
which says,
“they had a bad day
they are in pain
they are over hungry
in need of shhhhhhhh…”
but they blaze in so fast
and your attention is on
12 other things
so you don’t notice
the brisk walk-
always a sign…
so you smile
say hello
and when you try
to kiss them,
they cheek you…
instead of thinking
they have had a hard day
we get offended
put off
and now
we are in stealth mode
that butthead
what is wrong with them?
they did not even look
at the dinner i spent
three hours making,
nor kiss the kids
pet the dogs…
they just breezed on past
all of us
to their place of refuge-
door closed
tv on
numbing themselves
to their day
of stress and

they are in need
of food,
and silence…
but the house
is not ready to settle
the kids have not been bathed
the dogs want to go out
and you need to
fill up the minutes
during dinner with…
“OMG! today……”
as they roll their eyes
and kindly ignore you
stretching their neck
and ear to hear and see the tv
you get
well that mf
i will show them…
tell me you are giggling now
that you are identifying
with even a small piece of this?
the night wears on
they try to tune everything out
they rewind
over and over
the show
“would you please be quiet,
i cannot hear the television…”
by this time you
are concocting in your head
one million ways to kill them!
you are ready to loose it yourself
the kids are loud
and the dogs are obnoxious
and you want a sweet silent
30 minutes with your love
but your love is
in a blech mood
so you
pour your titos
grab your blanket
crank down the AC
throw the kids
in bed,
and retreat
to your room
with your shows
and your dogs…

morning dawns,
you rise
start the day
get the dogs
and kids
they enter
the kitchen.
you all stop.
and then,
they speak…
“good morning. i am sorry
i was quiet last night.
bad day at the office…”
then they smile
hug you all one by one
telling you each,
“i love you. have a great day…”
and finally
you breathe….
we all love someone,
who at times
annoys the crap out of us,
so hide the duct tape,
tear up the list
of how to kill
someone you love
and get away with it
and embrace the fact
that for some reason
God decided
you get another day
another chance…
then grab your coffee
take the kids to school
walk the dogs
live your life
knowing this is all
so we might as well
let the little stuff go
knowing once and for all
it’s the routine stuff that matters-
they come home
even when they want to run
they stay silent
because they really want to yell
they wake up happy
because the space you gave them
was a gift.
love the ones you are with-
for tomorrow,
is not