as she stood at nautilus teachings


she stood below the windows
on the soft green grasses
tiny yellow blossoms
tickled her small feet
her eyes were cast upward
gazing at the moon and
millions of stars
as fireflies
the rest of the
empty vastness
with their shimmery light
making her feel
so small
that she imagined
living beneath
the blossom
of the lily of the valley’s
which grew alongside
the long,
winding black
road that her father’s
car drove upon
each day
when he returned
from work…
at this very moment,
her lips parted
and she began to sing…
as the words
slid from her tongue
they bounced off
of the front porch steps
with tiny kissing sounds
landing back upon her
gracing her lips
with happiness
as she smiled
held out her hands
and pirouetted
just this once

this small beauty moved
closer towards the
open window sill
until at last
her pink fingers
with nails painted
baby blue
rested for just a moment
as her eyes took in
the magic before her
she reached one hand
into the room
pulled open the top drawer
allowing the release
of her dreams…
tiny fish swam
in blue sparking waters
wise old mr. hawksbill
floated by
with fancy finns
as she dared
to dip her finger in,
a ripple affect
that splashed
tiny drops of midnight water
onto the window sill
which slid down
upon her toes
as she began to
belly giggle…
in the light
of the shining moon
with the stars above
and fireflies dancing
she caught the reflection
of the nautilus shell
which housed
the true center
of who
she was meant to be…

a free flowing spirit
dancing in the summers rain,
the warm wind
tangling whispered images
into golden locks
to dream upon
the soft gentle
morning kiss
of suns first light
the “love me”
in every flower petal
picked by wishing hearts
she was every color
ever imagined…
was the night
she answered
the calling
the slow hum
the reverberation
of steady beating…
she would give herself
to Him
she would feel
His forgiveness
live in the knowing
she was
unconditionally loved
by Him…
her center
would be
it would be
trusting her faith
would sustain
and buoy her
no matter what…
the girl
felt her wings expand
as her feet left
the soft green grass
her body twirled
the fireflies lit a path
the stars opened up
and the moon
“when the time is right
the Lord will make it happen…”Isaiah 60:20
her eyelids gently closed
her breathing stilled
as she felt
the hands of God
cradle her…
she turned
and her footpath
was lain before her
lit only by
the grace, light
and love
of her faith…