i am washed ashore
with the rise of the suns
early morning light.
God has placed me upon the sand
as i lie next to a long stick.
covered in barnacles,
broken off from a limb.
it floated into shore
and now lies next to me.
together we are whole
for i too am a piece of
the years of my life-
broken, scared, barnacled,
laden with sorrow,
yet now filled with forgiveness.
i place the barnacled mess
within my hand
it’s edges are sharp and i must carry it
with the tips of my fingers.
this reminds me of how for so long
i tip-toed through my life
afraid of speaking,
asking questions
saying no
and always following someones rules.
by the time i was 41
i was exhausted
just like my finger tips are getting
from carrying the barnacles
so i transfer the stick to my right hand.
i gave up all my
loneliness, sadness, heartbreak, anger and hurt
to God 11 years ago.
My path in life had always been
to walk upon the firm sand pathway
stretched out before me
for it was easier to run upon this pavement
the water washed away my presence
i could get lost in the crowds of walkers
and if so desired
i could just face east
and keep on walking til the ocean
filled up my lungs
and i returned to the sea.
yet each time this thought of leaving
crossed my mind
God cradled me,
rocked me
and sang to me
a song of grace, light, love, energy,
acceptance, faith and forgiveness.
Then He placed me back upon the shore
assuring me i am washed of my sins
i am worthy
and i still have more lives to color.
just as each sunrise reflects differently
to each soul watching this miracle
my palette of growth
continues to fill me each day
with new awakenings deeper in the
consciousness of my being.
As i age
i embrace my life.
each journey i chose
was a lesson learned.
each time God spoke to me
and i truly listened
a new baby footpath awaited me.
lying upon the sand
i reach each arm out
and spread my legs
as if i am about to make a sand angel.
i close my eyes
feeling the pull of God
who is the center of life
and my Nautilus.
All the chambers within me
have changed just as i have
and i find myself
sinking deeper into meditations
which bring stillness
and a closer bond with my heavenly father.
the day has begun
chores lie written upon a pad of yellow lined paper.
my feet are sandy and i begin the walk home.
i leave the hardened sand behind,
and travel now into the softness
of all i get to do today
because God finds me worthy enough
to continue on
sharing my creativity
His message of
grace, light, love, energy,
acceptance, forgiveness and faith.