be yourself at nautilus teachings


it is not a struggle
to be myself
to show the world
my mistakes
to open up
my entirety
and let you in…
there will
always be
certain lines
i will never cross
topics never spoken of
the ugliest truth
not fully revealed
names never given
and i will drop
the f bomb…
i don’t believe
in gossip
i don’t have the right
to judge anyone
i believe we are
all free
all have the ability
to love
to heal
faith, gratitude, kindness
and truth
are my center
always comes first
i am the most
complex simplistic
person you will meet
i have so many layers
to unravel
to you
colors not yet revealed
my stories will not cease
until i take my last breath
whether i am read
by one person
or one million
i just don’t care
because words
for me are air
to breathe
it cleanses my soul
to release
upon canvas
images given to me
to share with you…

i love to teach art!
my kids camp
feeds my soul
and makes me believe
in dreams,
while at the same time
i learn
to listen harder
slow down
and be in every tiny
given to me
their smiles
and creativity…
my ladies nights
are the healing balm
for my weary soul
i not only get
to be part of their lives
they let me
tell my silly stories too
so we all giggle and laugh
sharing moments
of our busy lives
across a table
with wine
and friendship…
it feels wonderful
to finally
know who i am
to be
just me
i have fought hard
to get here.
one of my favorite things
is when a woman
comes up to me to
and says,
‘you’re sheri stewart…
i read everything you write…’

this always
leaves me
we have such
a short time here,
i intend to spend
the second half
in every way
i never imagined possible
in the first 42 years
of my life…
have you ever had
that one moment
when you just
broke open
and cried,
“God, you found me…”
only to hear back
“i was never lost,
my child,
you were too stubborn
to let me all the way in…”
well, i did
and i will never stop
listening again-
i am buoyant
because of my faith-
not my religion-
my faith…
let yourself go
open yourself up
to what your center
your faith is
let it take over
your whole soul
let it be
exactly who you are…
and if by some chance
it doesn’t feel right
either you
are holding onto fear
or what you believe in
is not your true
as Ram Dass says,
“we’re all just walking
each other home…”
i believe we are all connected
no matter our race,
sex, religion, political party…
i believe we all want
we all deserve love
but i also believe
acceptance is key
we can exist on the same planet
with different beliefs
speaking different languages
worshiping different Gods
but in order to be
truly happy
we must lay down
our judgement
our need for control
and live in our own truths…

what do you believe?
i believe
in praying to my God
to protect
not just those i love
but my country…
as i began with,
it is not a struggle
to be myself
to show the world
my mistakes
to open up
my entirety
and let you in…
the struggle comes
when i turn on the tv
and hear of more killings
when i look to social media
and everyone is ranting
about who to vote for
my struggle
really is simple
i will be a positive
colorful voice
in this world
no matter
what anyone else thinks
and i will
say the pledge of allegiance
i will sing God bless america
i will pray to God
speak my truths
and always
be buoyed
by my faith…
“i am not afraid;
i was born to do this…”-Joan of Arc