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divorce is hard
on the whole family
even if it is an amicable one.
but when you find yourself
being accused of
making drugs
even though you were in no way
even close or involved,
well, you grow up fast…
over the next 24 hours
the phone was attached to sher…
she spoke to no-one accept her attorney.
by nightfall the girls were on the sofa
clean from their baths
eating pizza, drinking a soda
and watching a movie
when once more her phone rang…
“awww, mom do you have to get that?”
‘yes. but i will be right back…’
she walked to her bedroom
and listened to the key west police,
“yes. we understand now that
your boat was stolen and you were
ordered by the court to find it and sell it.
we have removed the meth lab
your husband and his girlfriend
are both under arrest
but no charges will be pressed
against you.
we apologize for any inconvenience
this may have caused.
have a good night…”
then a dial tone.
she heaved a huge sigh
poured a drink
and hopped onto the sofa
with the girls…
‘what did i miss?’
they filled her in
and all three fell asleep
and dreamed sweet dreams
for the first time in months
upon the blue suede sofa,
with sam their golden lab
right by their side…
maybe 2006 would turn out ok
she thought as she woke up
the next morning…
she had been seeing her neighbor
for a few months now.
he was handsome
loved her kids
and kind.
she was not ready for a serious relationship,
this she knew.
her plan was to move home
after the divorce was final.
it was already nearing the end of
the school year.
the girls were going for their last year
of sleep away camp
then would land home for a few weeks
before jet setting off to see her
soon to be ex’s family in
virginia an utah…
she wanted the girls summer to be happy.
she knew they were both loved
and a few weeks with his family
before the divorce
was the perfect end to a 15 year marriage.
what happened after the papers were signed
no once could predict…
it was a lovely summer…
sher was alone during the day working
on ending one marriage
starting over
and filled with possibility
hope and dreams of the unknown…

first and foremost
was finding herself…
dinners she spent with her neighbor
and soon they were a couple.
the girls were excited
and approved of moms new boyfriend…
it seems he played softball and baskeball
with them in the street in 2005-
how had she missed that?
she thought,
‘i was tied up in the madness of
my second husband…i cannot believe
i never noticed…’
her son had moved back to n.c.
met a girl
and was happy.
he called her every now and then
was back in college
and really growing up.
the girls seemed happy too.
as summer drew to a close
the girls were home
shopping for back to school
and every night
the 4 of them ate dinner…
having a man at the head of the table
a man of faith
who to sher
was Einstein
who made them giggle
and feel not just heard
but loved unconditionally,
it was so
unbelievably wonderful…
her day in court
was august 20, 2006
exactly 22 years
to the day she married
her first husband
and nearly 19 years
since her beloved
mother’s death.
she woke up early
got the girls off to school
and walked down the two houses
to see her boyfriend.
he kissed her
wished her luck
and left for work.
‘well, she thought, i need to pack up my things
from his house. soon i will move home…’
as she was packing and crying
he came back
and startled her.
“hey! what are you doing?
why are you crying?
i forgot my files…
baby, what’s the matter?”
his eyes were welling up too.
he knew.
he knew she wanted to move home.
that she would not stay.
she needed family.
he hugged her tight
and once more, left for work.
her husband did not show up
to court.
the judge gave her
what was left of the money
told her to sell everything she could,
including the house,
he stripped her now ex
of all of his parental rights
and told her,
he is not qualified to ever
make more than minimum wage
so there will be no child support
or alimony-
divorce granted!
she drove home
with her top down
music blaring
smile upon her face…
tonight was her divorce party
at pompano grill
being put on by her boyfriend…
it was a warm sunny day.
she pulled into his driveway
and walked through the garage.
he was lounging on the chase
she had given him for his last birthday.
“hey! how’d it go?” he asked.
she sat with him and told him
all the details finishing with,
“so now i pack to move home…”
before she could rise up
he pulled his doctorate ring from his pants
and with eyes full of tears
he said,
“well, blondie, will you marry me?”