beginning to rebel at nautilus teachings

graduating from high school
means leaving your childhood behind
making new friends
studying for what you wish to do
with your life,
it means growing up…
graduation had finally come.
sher woke up with a high fever
from infected wisdom teeth
but told her parents,
“i don’t care how sick i am,
i am walking…”
upon arrival at school
the principal greeted them,
“well, it seems …..has gone missing again
from his facility…”
sher thought
“who is this guy, houdini?”
“i don’t care.
he won’t hurt me.
he’s in love with me.”
she searched her parents faces
they nodded in agreement.
they agreed to let sher walk
as long as the police stood outside
the gymnasium door…
everything went off without a hitch…
the summer was flying by
and sher was getting excited for school
when dory approached her
“hey, sher… i met a very nice young man
up at the lake last weekend
and i set up a date for you.
he will drive down from…
and pick you up friday.
he is taking you to a pig roast
the next day and he will
bring you home sunday…
you will stay with his mother
at their house …”
it was true,
sher did not have a boyfriend
but that is what she wanted-
to be free.
to meet college men
and make her own choices
she loved her parents
but she was so tired of being
the good girl all the time,
the obedient one
and rule follower….
sher smiled at dory,
“ok mom, whatever you say…”

then she locked her bedroom door
and began to cry.
was she ever going to be able to break free
decide on her own
what her life would be like?
her father had chosen the college.
her father had chosen her major-
with a minor in german
her father,
her father,
her father…
silently she obeyed.
friday arrived
with a knock on the door,
“sher, that must be your date!
go answer it…”
here we go,
sher thought…
as she opened the door
a tall
very thin guy
with weak hair
an even weaker mustache
stood gazing down at her,
“um, hi…i’m…..”
sher just waved
let him in
grabbed her stuff
kissed her mom
and was off…
the drive took 2.5 hours to get
to his mothers house…
the time was mostly filled with music
although every now and then
sher would ask a question,
“so, what do you do ?”
“i’m a police officer…”
“how old are you?”
wow, she thought
not the guy she would pick,
she’d had enough of the police department
growing up
with her crazy brother
always getting in trouble,
running away,
in and out of half way houses…
his parole officer
even came for dinner sometimes.
it’s not that she hated cops
she just never saw one
help her brother…
that night they went to a bar
drank, ate some burgers
and then went back to his mothers house
where they slept in separate bedrooms.
the morning sun woke her
so she cleaned up,
dressed and walked to the kitchen
where his mom had made a
nice breakfast…
“sleep well?” she asked sher
sher just nodded,
sat down
and began eating
‘where is he? i want to go home…’
what was her mother thinking?
he strolled into the kitchen
kissed his mothers cheek
grabbed a plate and sat down
next to sher.

“so we are going to a pig roast
out in the country
with live music.
should be a lot of fun…”
sher just smiled
and continued eating.
this car ride took 30 minutes
and as they got closer
it began to rain
the field was a mud pit
but off in the distance
sher could see a tent
with lights on
filled with people laughing,
as they approached the tent
she noticed a table
of guys and girls
playing cards
drinking beer
and laughing loudly.
they all waved to her date.
he waved back.
sher asked,
“who are those people…”
“see the blonde guy
in the middle
with glasses?
i work with his father.
stay away from him.
he’s no good.
the rest of them are all his friends…
come on, lets get some food
and a beer…”
um, HELLO,
the blonde was damn cute
and if he was no good
sher would definitely meet him.
how else could she defy her parents
and how would they ever know?!!!
she followed her date to a corner,
the pig was gone
so they ate bean sandwiches
and drank nasty warm beer.
he was busy talking to a group of guys
and sher
felt lonely…
she set down her beer
strolled over to the
‘stay away from him, table’
tapped the blonde guy
upon the shoulder
and said,
“hi, i am …..i was told i needed to meet you
by my date………”
he looked up at her.
she fell into his baby blues,
“hi, I’m…. won’t you join us?”
and with that
she was caught
hook, line and sinker…