believing in magic at nautilus teachings


are we born
a believer
or is this something
we learn?
i can never remember
not believing.
my first memories
are of being held
in the palm of
God’s hand,
of kneeling in prayer
of hiding in the
classroom in the basement
of our church
staring at the stained glass windows…
my mother always
taught me you did not
have to see something
to believe in it…
“mom, how do we know
these seeds will grow?”
“oh, sher, they will grow
because God will water them,
just wait and see…”
my mom wove a world
of magic all around me
there was not a day
she was not baking
something yummy
knitting something soft
crafting something wonderful
helping a neighbor
giving people her listening ear
smiling, laughing
and loving…
yes, there was a darker side
a painful part
and during this time
she would be on her knees
in prayer
tears streaming down her face
she would walk up to
the golden oversized
praying hands
close her eyes
becoming still,
silently talking to God…
then she would look
into my big brown eyes
and whisper,
“sher…we are all broken
just give it all to God,
always lean on your faith…”

The Paradise bird and young fairy talk near by magic source.

so i did!
i believed
and to this day
this is my truth
i can feel the magic
all around me…
is kids create christmas
in my studio
i have 18 beautiful
believing faces
and their moms
coming in to make
with their own hands
small gifts for those they love…
they are not spending
hundreds of dollars
they are learning
giving is from the heart,
that when you
share a piece of yourself
with someone you love
it is the greatest gift of all…
another lesson my mom taught me
and i live by
i make all my own presents
and cards still to this day…
i hope your day today
is full of magic
i hope you can look out
through the eyes of a child
and remember…
if not,
pop by my studio today
between 10-2
we will be sprinkling
and fairy dust
all around…