bitter sweet life at nautilus teachings

dory & sher 1968

never gave up.
never gave up.
dory stayed.
sher left-
what would her mother do?
ran through her head
at the very moment
her boyfriend held out the ring
and asked her to once more
take a huge leap of faith…
her heart was in her throat
her mind was racing…
what about you?
this is your time,
you cannot get attached
so fast.
go home.
find yourself.
she knew he was a good man.
she knew what he had lived through.
they were not young kids-
they were both middle aged…
her faith was strong
her mind had been clear for a while now
her marriage was over
years before the divorce
was granted
she hadn’t had sex in 3 years…
she was looking at his
big gorgeous green eyes
surfer dude
oh man…
she smiled,
and whispered
through her own tears,
then came the waterfall
‘but,but…i have the girls still at home
we cannot live with you unless we are married
and i have to sell the house
my life is a mess still…’
“shhhh. blondie. i love you.
i have your back.
i love your kids.
now, let’s celebrate your freedom!”
they giggled and loved
like teenagers
that night,
they met all their friends
for her divorce party.

one by one
young, handsome
surfer men came in
with a flower
offering sher their phone number
in case she got lonely
as everyone laughed
cheered and toasted
her new life.
as the night was drawing to a close
her friend noticed the ring
which sher purposely wore backwards
so all you saw was the yarn
she had to wrap around it to keep it on her finger…
“hey…what’s on your left finger?”
she glanced at sher’s boyfriend and said,
“no, you didn’t even give her one day?”
then everyone was raising a glass
to the two lovebirds and
taking bids on how long it would last!
the girls were ecstatic.
she started renovating his house
making it her home
they settled on november for their
small, private wedding
because the only other month
no ones exes had birthdays or they
had been married in was february
and sher did not celebrate
valentines day!
so, november it was
with their reception being
at pompano-
their favorite restaurant.
september and october
came and went.
the day after halloween
as sher was backing out her truck
lauren and her friend piled in the back seat
they all waited for molly…
the sun was bright
it was warm
low humidity.
molly emerged
backpack in hand
sleep still upon her
big brown eyes
she walked towards the truck
her ex grabs molly.
molly held the inside door handle
the rest of them screamed
he was pulling her
she was kicking back
one of her shoes
slides off as he stumbled backward…

she jumped in the truck
sher locked the door
dialed 911
as everyone is screaming
and crying…
her ex spits on the windshield
beats the truck in a few spots
and yells,
“these are my kids
you can’t take them…”
the police arrive as he
and his crack whore girlfriend
are walking to his truck.
his license plate is a scrap piece of cardboard
upon which he wrote
lost tag…
the cbpd do not check his license
or registration
they do not do anything
except ask him to leave.
then they walk back
check on the sher and the girls…
molly is a mess.
lauren and her friend
are still crying.
the police assign the school officer
to the case, to keep an eye on
the girls
making sure her ex does not
just show up at school
everyone is shaken up,
but the girls eventually
calm and say,
‘mom, we want to go to school…’
sher is amazed at their determination and strength.
‘mom, we can’t let dad get to us.
he is crazy.’
“ok. let’s go to school”, said sher.
this was her life
bitter sweet madness…
a week later
under a full november moon
on a balcony overlooking mother ocean
with 25 of their closest friends
d and s
said i do.
they embraced
each others messy past
accepted all the broken pieces
of each other
and became one.
their honeymoon
was beautiful
life fell into routine
when they returned.
it was january 2007
sher had taken molly to her friends house
as she rounded the corner in her truck
this time he was alone
on a motorcycle
staring at her as he drove off…
“what did he want?” she asked d.
‘oh he tried to intimate me,
and when i backed him down the driveway
and flexed my muscles
he started crying
got on his motorcycle and took off…’
she was home.
this she knew.
she and her girls were safe and loved.
her phone rang,
‘this is cbpd, we have arrested
your ex-husband….’
she dropped the phone on the driveway
looked up at d
and said,
“they got him!”
then she fell into the arms
of the man she loved
and cried…