bullying at nautilus teachings


name calling is now called
and is punishable
by the law…
today cyber bullying
through online message boards and texts,
has led several
young people to suicide,
it happens to
both boys and girls
and is the third
leading cause of death-
let’s take a breath here…
i grew up in the 60’s and 70’s
i was picked on
called names
spit upon
shoved to the ground
and harassed daily
by my brothers…
at school
i hardly spoke
because i had a horrible stutter
so i learned to
exist in silence
with nods and smiles
using as few of words possible…
as i grew up
i married a man
who found pleasure
in hurting me in every way possible
and i can tell you
my truth
was that
in a million years
did i ever think
of taking my own life…
life is different today
in this
non pledge of allegiance
conspiracy theory believer
lying politicians
technology world
we are no longer
one nation under God…
so i ask you
what drives a beautiful
young soul to
commit suicide?
the group Sugarland
sings a song titled “mean girls”…


“Mean girls
Well, I ain’t a mean girl
But I’ve known a few
They’ll make you cry, baby
And then blame it on you
They’ll hate you if you’re pretty
They’ll hate you if you’re not
They’ll hate you for what you lack, baby
Then they’ll hate you for what you’ve got
Mean girls, scratchin’ and spitting
Mean girls, can’t be forgiven
Mean girls, make mean women
Mean girls
It starts on the playground pulling your hair
Then in high school it gets worse from there
You’ll see em coming, they travel in packs
Smile to your face, baby, while stabbing your back
If they ain’t out a-prowling, creeping down the hall
You’ll find em by the lockers, baby
Sharpening their claws
Sugar and spice and everything nice
Thinks she hot but she’s cold as ice
First comes love then comes marriage
Then comes her Mama with another little wannabe
mean girl…”


this is such truth…
i see it every day
no matter where i go
little girls with make up on
high heels
nails done perfectly
the most ‘in’ outfits
and they are nasty,
little replicas of their moms…
i am not sure what it is
people gain from being unkind
maybe it feeds their ego
or makes them feel strong…
most of us are heartbroken
every day
as we hear of one tragedy after another
of someone killing someone…
stop the hate!
stope the judgment !
no matter how much money you have
what car you drive
how big a house you live in
where your kids go to school
how ‘green’ you are
what religion you believe in
at least i don’t…
what happened to
baking cookies for all your neighbors?
when i was young
we knew everyones name
we watched out for their homes
kids, pets…
we were
it never crossed our mind
to kill someone,
there have always been mean people
and my two brothers were among them
in all fairness to them
i was the baby
the only sister
very ill
and i took all the attention
so of course,
they hated me…
it does not excuse their behavior
but they were also
kids themselves…
bullying is mean
end of story
what we need
is to learn to
keep our mouths shut
to stop the
name calling
because it hurts…

some people are
stubborn and strong
and can take it,
and boy,
do i know i few…
but for the most part
we are a feeling
there is still faith
people do open doors
for one another
and most families
love, support and help each other
as well as their neighbors…
in this very heated
volatile time in society
all i ask of you today
is to spread kindness
around like confetti
because in the end
it does matter
and that woman you pass
every day in your car
loves it when you wave
at her
your neighbor who is aging
thanks you silently for
helping them with their yard work
and every sunday
when you worship God
side by side
with your fellow parishioners
you matter
not just to God
but to every person
who’s life you touch…