call me crazy and thats ok! nautilus teachings

call me crazy!
call me crazy!

the voices
they just call me
i can run
but i can’t hide
i hear all their
i feel them
all inside
the world is hushed
around me
yet i still
feel them in
my bones
telling me
their tales
as they journey
to their
most people
think i’m crazy
and of this
i truly see
but i’m
telling you
they wake me
one day
i may hear YOU-

accept my words as truth
accept my words as truth

just wait and see
the words
they come
so clearly
the message
writ in black
i know if i don’t
get it out
it’s never coming back
for these
are such brief moments
of someones life
i may not know
yet i hold them
just as sacred
as the voice
which calls them home
so one day
if you hear
from a crazy artist-
that person being me-

yes, they do
yes, they do

believe the words
i tell you
they are given free
i don’t ask
and i don’t think
no questions cross
my lips
i just open up
this heart of mine
as they take me
on word filled trips
telling me
of happiness
and of their
of release..
of feeling
no more pain..
just as quickly
as they came
they turn
and walk away…

enough said!
enough said!