celebrating moms at nautilus teachings


mother’s day is
fast approaching…
so many memories
surround me
of my kids being small
hand made cards
breakfast in bed
handpicked dandelion bouquets,
to name a few…
as they grew older
it was tiny presents
store bought cards
and dinner together
because they all slept till noon!
but always, always, always
it was beach day
pool day
boat day
just being outside day…
every mother’s day
i sit with the letters
my mom wrote me
back in the early 80’s
while i was in college
and read them
then i move on to
her sympathy cards
from her closest friends
and as i stand
face to the ocean
i talk to her…
it has been 29 years this july
since my mother
went home to God.
but she is still walking
beside me
only now
it is in spirit.
i was one of those lucky girls
who got to have a mom
as her best friend
and confidante.
just last night i shared
the story of how my mom
would pull me from school
to travel with her for her business…

i loved these early rise
pancake mornings…
we would take off in her convertible
not speaking much,
just feeling the wind
against our faces…
oldies radio playing…
we would shop
have lunch and
while she had her meetings
i would sit silently
and draw…
these are irreplaceable memories
i cherish.
this mother’s day all three of my kids
will be at their own homes
i know they will call me
maybe send me a card
but what i know most
is they are mine.
from first heartbeat
we were connected
just as you are to your children.
near or far away,
they are always beating
in your heart
you still hear their tiny voices
crying out , “mommy….”
still see their tangled long hair
messy faces
and feel their hand in yours…
celebrate yourself this year
by thanking your kids
for being so amazing
and letting you be a part
of their life-
even if at this moment
they are being little shits-
thank them anyway.
let them know you love them
and that you always have
their backs…
mothers day is a week away
and for me,
i will be on the beach
watching the sun rise
coffee in hand
shedding a few tears
but also letting my heart
fill up with the knowing
one day,
hopefully many years from now-
i will once again be
with my mom…
for now
i am enjoying
being a mom
and dreaming of one day
being a grandmother!!!