challenging fears at nautilus teachings


i awake in darkness
the boys rise
and follow me,
their feet softly
pitter patting
upon the wood floor
i unlock the door
and am greeted with
heated, wet pavement
and wild winds…
“ugh! this is november?!”
i think to myself…
i feed and settle
the boys upon their
lounge chair perch
so they can look out the window
watching me leave
and for me to return…
i grab my walking stick
and hit the pavement.
my body is sore
and my knees have begun
to resist pounding cement lately.
I accept this as
just normal aging and push on.
the sky is an absolutely stunning
deep blue with
soft grey clouds scattered
from last nights rain…
encompassing all of this
are varied pinks
yet to be named by the paint guys
who work for Golden paints…
now that is a job i would love
to name paints!!!

the humidity reminds me
of summer mornings past…
my iPod was out of juice
so it’s just me, God
and natures beauty…
the first sound
that catches my ears
is a gently tinkling
a ting, ting, tingle
like a crystal glass shattering…
my eyes seek out the engaging
movement of sound
and i spy a sea shell
wind chime,
its long tethering cords
tangled in a frantic
sunrise dance..
rounding the corner
the squeak, squeak, squeaking
stops me in my tracks…
“what the????”
i look around
expecting to see
someone come from the shadows
yet all around me
is stillness
being whipped back and forth
by the maddening wind storm…

call me 720-2215

placing one foot
in front of the other
i set my pace…
in a few strides
i begin giggling
as i realize
i am the one doing the creaking!
i have the wet,
the pink,
the wind,
the chimes
and my creaking
which all fall into
a melodic tune
inside my head
replacing my
much missed Kip
who normally serenades me
with wordless enchantment
in streams of flawless
chants which beckon
my soul to stillness.
i breath in and out gratitude-
i am alive, strong and healthy…
20 minutes later i am home
two wet noses
with tails wagging
are there to lick
the salt from my skin
and me
still grinning ear to ear
tomorrow is friday!
tomorrow the world
gets to see
i have waited my whole life
for these truths
to be shared
that me,
sheri stewart
believes in God,
i center my life
buoyed by my faith
and because of this
and my loving husband
i challenged all my fears
and am now living my dreams…

go for it