Christmas memories at nautilus teachings


i am sitting upon my
caramel colored
soft leather love-seat
watching christmas movies,
while outside
the sun is shinning
the waterfall in the pool
is gently streaming
the big blue heron
sits perched upon my dock
dolphins are playing
in the canal
twinkle lights are hung
baby girl is at the airport
ready to fly home
Christmas looms
lazily beckoning
enveloping me
with the memories
of baking cookies
cinnamon buns
sipping warm
hot chocolate
singing christmas carols
snow gently falling
looking out over
the frozen pond
i ice skated upon
as a child
mom is smiling
magic is everywhere
i was taught
to believe…
as i grew older
i never bought into
that there is no
santa claus
because no matter what
mom taught me
the gift of giving
she instilled in me
a faith so deep
nothing could ever
break it
she would also tease
us kids with,
“those who do not believe
do not receive!”
every year we baked for days
on end…

on the final day we arranged
multiple platters, put on our
christmas hats
grabbed our sheet music
and walked the neighborhood
singing Christmas carols
and handing out home made goodies
to all our friends…
it truly was
i raised my kids
the same way,
minus the caroling!
we got in my car
and drove to our friends homes
delivering our holiday cheer.
this is and always will be
one of my favorite memories.
will any of my kids…
they are all
exactly that
which brings me full circle
to today…
every year i watch
all my christmas movies
i giggle
i cry
i remember
believing in santa
how my mother made sure
on december 25th
we had overflowing stockings
and presents galore
which made wearing
hand me downs
and eating day old breads
walking everywhere
the perfect childhood!
we lived in a magical town
in an old gray two story house
with a scary basement
across the street was,
and still is,
the biggest public park
i have ever seen
with lagoons
animal farm
tennis courts
Lords Park
in Elgin, Il
was my second home
all year long.

some memories
make us feel safe
not so much!
but right now
in this 80 degree heat
i am wishing i was back home
with my mom
baking those cinnamon buns
she was so famous for
i wish i could walk across
the street
put on my skates
and glide around the
lower lagoon
then come home to
hot chocolate
and warm cookies
or catch snowflakes
upon my tongue…
but reality is
at 55 i get to spend christmas
with two
of my three kids,
my husbands kids
and our grandson
are coming up
the day after
we get to see mom…
and as a modern day
blended family
we build new memories.
life changes so quickly
people die
we get divorced
kids grow up
dogs pass on
we move
but wherever we go
we take our memories
with us.
this christmas
open up your boxes
of cherished times
from ages past
introduce the young
to old traditions
crank down the AC
if you like it cold
and give some more
of time
listening ears
share your
and cookies
with neighbors
wish them
a merry christmas…
two weeks from now
when all the holiday
is boxed up
put away
for another year
remember the magic
keep it alive
inside of you
share it freely…
if you spread kindness
and joy
like confetti
one person at a time
the inside of you
will blossom
and i can assure you
people will catch you smiling!