common sense at nautilus teachings



where has common sense gone?
who just woke up one
morning and thought
giving their child
an iPad for entertainment
would develop
them better
than building with blocks
playing in the sand
being read or sang to
being held by arms
that love them and,
who created this new math?
dare i ask
what they were smoking
when they did?
do they even teach 
cursive writing anymore?
why, oh why
does every child need a trophy?
i am truly confused
why we are teaching
self entitlement
instead of gratitude-
instead of faith-oneness…
instead of
society is creating
mini robots
hooked on technology
leaving most
lacking in common sense…
on june 26 of 2002
judges ruled to take
the pledge of allegiance
out of school
due to the words
“one nation under God…”
yes, we are a free county
but almost every day we hear
of terrorists killing americans
even americans killing each other…
what is wrong
with this country?
two weeks ago
some of my furniture was
stolen off of my front porch
while i slept…
would someone please
wake up those in our society
who seem to believe
everything is their’s for the taking
and that they are
entitled to anything we
bought, loved, owned,
built memories upon
for 10 years because
“possession is 9 /10ths
of the law?”
who does the law protect?

one of the reasons
i moved to the tiny
beach town of cocoa beach
was for the incredible schools
the safety
and honesty
the small town flavor…
there is a group of individuals
that see our town
as needing to
‘grow up’
‘catch up’
‘offer more’
to name a few…
i truly believe
the foundation
upon which our country
was born needs to grow
and to change
but we cannot
just toss aside
compassion, empathy
and common sense …
i don’t think
‘it’s so adorable’
how your tiny 2 year old
can play a game
on your phone or iPad
while you shop
instead of them learning
to sit still
respect their parents
and learn how to
behave in public…
i don’t agree
that phones should be
allowed at the dinner table-
nothing is that important..
i believe in families
in togetherness
in listening
in creating
playing outside
and family fun nights…
i have faith
i trust God…
i do love electronics.
i believe in social media
but there is a time
and a place for everything…
had i not posted pictures
of my stolen furniture
i would have never
gotten it back…
i believe
in honest people
that kindness does
still exist…

why was i a victim?
because i trusted
i was safe
in my community…
my husband and i
built our porch
for gatherings
and we furnished it
with pieces we love…
i don’t know the circumstance
or story
of the thieves
and it is not for me to judge
what i do know is
most people are good
cocoa beach is where
we have chosen
to live out our life
and this little bump
in our road
only made us realize
we need to change our thinking
because there is a portion
of america
who is so fucking entitled,
have no soul
and of which we have
no control over…
i vote to teach common sense
to go back to normal math
include creativity
and imagination in
our daily life
in having faith
but most of all
i believe
in forgiveness…