connected~C, mom and me at nautilus teachings

this is life-
the connection
a mother
and her daughter.
not all are blessed
with such a gift-
this they both knew
which is why their time
was always filled with love
laughter and a mother’s
unconditional support
and confidence
that her daughter
would be
exactly who she was
meant to be…
from a young age,
sher knew
her life would be
about art
but more importantly
she knew it would be
about giving, loving, caring
all centered
by faith.
this is what her mom
taught her,
that she could do all things
through her faith.
their bond
could be broken by no man.
not sher’s father
or brothers.
dory introduced sher
to how important
friends were
how important it
was to volunteer
be selfless
have compassion
and empathy…
was sheri’s rock.
so when the big C
entered their lives
sher knew how to
take care of
and cry
with her mom.
what she did not know
was that truths
were not being told her
lies were being happily stated
falsities fell off the lips
of her father
every week…
“your mom is fine.
she will get through this.
she is not going to die…”
and sheri
being so young
and believing all
she was ever told,
being the good girl,
always obeying
never questioning
this was just a blip
and soon mom
would be fine!
mom was in remission
back to working full time
running the women’s league
any day now
the baby was due-
life was good.

her husband was in his
final days of interviewing for
a big job
all the pieces seemed
to interlock perfectly…
monday arrived
with a warm sunshine
which began to melt the snow
that lay upon the ground
she got up
walked in the nursery
and began to pray,
“heavenly father,
thank you for healing mom
giving me a baby
a husband who loves me,
just thank you for my life…”
the phone started ringing
startling her
so she turned
picked up the receiver
and said, 
“oh what a beautiful morning!
helloooooo…” happiness just
radiated from her voice.
all she heard was sobbing
“dad? dad what is it?”
“sher, come quick to the hospital,
moms not well…”
she slammed down the phone
threw on some clothes
and drove the 4 blocks
crying the whole way.
when she arrived on the 5th floor
oncology unit
her dad and the dr were there
to greet her-
“let’s sit, shall we?”, said the dr.
we sat down together
then the words
shot out like rapid fire,
“dory is out of remission.
this time it’s worse.
the cancer is back full force.
i don’t know if she can handle
anymore chemo. i want you to take
her home and get her affairs in order.
i think she would like to die at home…”
sher had gone completely numb
her dad was looking at the floor
eyes full of tears.
“wha, wha, what are you saying?
how can this be?” her dad stuttered.
“dory’s cancer is not curable.
we thought she’d only live 6 months
and it’s already been over a year.
i’m sorry…”
he placed his hand upon my shoulder
just like he did the first day
he delivered my moms death sentence.
i stood up and asked
“which room is mom in?”
then i walked down the sterile white hallway
opened up her door
smiled and said,
“well, mom, i think it’s time to have this baby!”

she opened her eyes
feigned a tiny smile
and held out her hand.
i walked over to her
grabbed her hand
squeezed it tight
then fell right back into
the arms that healed
all my sorrows.
once more we cried
and then mom said,
“get me dressed, sher.
i want to go home…”
home we drove
mom and i,
dad in his own car, alone.
i got her settled on the sofa
made her some tea
and stayed until she fell asleep
and my father returned.
“she’s going to die dad,
you told me she was not going to die…”
“she’s not.
i will take care of her.
now go home…”
my intuition knew he was lying
but my good girl
believe everything your father tells you
refused to let go of hope.
i drove home.
two days later was maundy thursday
and Nicholas James
entered my life,
with a proud dad by our side.
i called my mom,
“mom…it’s sheri.
i had the baby…”
“who is this?”
“sheri, your daughter.
mom, mom, i had a boy
we named him Nicholas…”
“i don’t know a sheri.
i think you have the wrong number…”
i began to cry,
“mommy, it’s me….”
and then,
“oh sher…how are you?”
i repeated my story
this time she cried tears of joy
and said,
“your father and i will be up
as soon as he gets home from work…”
this was the beginning of the end.
the untethering of the
umbilical cord that attached
these two beautiful souls.
mother and daughter
grandmother and mom
already hearing
the sound