connection at nautilus teachings


when i was young
the phone hung on the wall
you put your fingers in holes
and dialed clockwise
each digit of the number.
if they did not answer
you called back…
we have texting
answering machines
voice mail
and email
we are never out of touch
with anyone…
i have to put my phone away
at night
or i will keep checking it
for what?
nothing important
accept the fact
having my device
next to me
makes me feel tethered
to the ever changing world
we live in
i can harmoniously float
bobbing up and down
to change laundry
cook dinner
grab a cocktail
have a conversation
paint and write
knowing my
is next to me…

it will ding me if i have a message
it will vibrate upon a text
or a call
mostly it will light up
take on that
‘pssst, sheri, i am here glow’ and
i won’t ever miss a thing-
last night my phone
was buzzing off the hook
it seems all the people i had
tried to connect with
yesterday morning
were now getting back to me
with all the details i needed…
(which is why i had my phone with me…)
i was excited-
i have the answers
and i did not even leave my couch
or say a word verbally…
the evil eye was being sent
from the other side of the sofa
then the
“are you watching this,
because if not i will put on my show…”
of course this leads
to a steamy conversation
about my being attached
to this electronic thing…
needless to say
i gave up,
went to bed
with my sacred
still lighting up friend
and fell asleep
with it clutched in my hand!

i woke up
and made a contract
with myself.
from today on
my beloved device
goes in my purse
on mute at 7.
i get to check it before i go to bed
but no more
starting tonight its
i think about the childhood
and yearn for the day
when hiding in a closet
with the cord stretched around
the corner
was the norm
or seeing my mom strain
the cord to the porch so she
could have a smoke and chat
coffee in hand…
ah the good ole’ days
we cannot get them back
but we can certainly remember
with fondness
when being connected
meant holding hands
listening to the radio
taking walks
going for a drive
or just sitting side by side
and reading the paper….
from this very tech savvy connected
artsy chick
i ask only one thing
if you are connected like me
to your devices
try putting them away
every night for a week
and soon you will discover
family+time together=
the highest speed connection
you will ever receive…