dad and the cubs at nautilus teachings

03-cubs-world-series-hugs-6-w710-h473-2xi am driving my car.
it is the day after
the cubbies won
the 6th game of
the world series,
all at once,
i am flooded in memories,
‘hey sher-take me out to the ball game,
take me out to the crowd…’
he finishes the whole song
in his off key
wobbled voice
grin upon his face.
‘this is the year
the cubbies are going to win
the world series…’
he chuckles
i grin,
we go about
pulling the weeds
mom is digging in the garden
the sun is hot.
i glance at my father
shielding my eyes
from the sunbeams.
‘hey, sher, go grab me a beer, will you?’
i smile and run inside
to grab his favorite beverage
after yard work-
ice cold beer.
i run back,
‘here dad!’
he tilts his head
and stutters a bit with,
‘well, well, well-i think you should
pop the top and take the first sip.
make sure it’s cold…’
this is one of my favorite memories
of my father
listening to the cubbies
working outside
bringing him his beer
and then we sit.
he sips
we listen to the game
the sun beats down upon us
when we hear,

we exchange a smile as my dad
once more repeats himself,
‘one day sher, the cubbies will win the world series…’
the cubs were just part of life
whether on the radio or
television -we were fans…
i loved going to Wrigley field,
the hotdogs
cold soda
watching my team
win or loose
we loved them.
along my life journeys
i have met so many
cub fans
who have never even been to chicago.
you cannot grow up in or around
the windy city
and not love sports.
when harry caray
became the voice of the
chicago cubs in 1982
i believe even more people
became fans…
he was the heartbeat of
all of us beloved cub followers
keeping us on our seats
singing out loud,
take me out the ball game
at the 7th inning stretch
no matter where we were
we all smiled
ear to ear
at his words,
he gave us
in 1978
on feb 18, 1998
harry may have passed away
but for me he is
and always will be
DA CUBS voice.
my father and i have always
shared a love of sports
our bears and our cubs
being the teams we hold closest.
nowadays he texts me and my son
during the games.
each time i hear my
ring tone
i know
it is dad.

my father is 87.
he had two heartfelt wishes
that he expressed to me
in my 55 years here
that i can remember.
the first was in 1987
at a family dinner following
my moms funeral.
we were gathered at her
favorite italian restaurant
glasses held up high for a toast
as he stood,
tears streamed down his cheeks
as he looked at each one of us kids
and said,
‘if i could trade places with your mother, i would.
i know you all wish it was me and not her
but God left you- me-
i love you kids…’
we all cried, sipped and sat silently
at his spoken truth.
it was brutally honest
he knew
how we all felt
and as horrible as this was to feel
i can tell you God had a plan for him.
it was not to go on and become
the worlds best dad
nor a rich entrepreneur…
as my mother once told me,
‘he was born broken sher, and even the broken deserve to be loved…’
he had a tough upbringing
one he refuses to share
i don’t know the stories
my dad holds within
or what his truths are
i know i will love him always…
over the past 3 years i have come to accept my father
for not being what i needed
and acknowledging
he did the best he could
and if that was not good enough-
you forgive.
so in this exciting world series
with our beloved Cubbies
about to enter their last game
and hopefully win
taking home the title,
i am encompassed
with a life time of
shared sport memories
with my father…
oh yeah,
his other heartfelt wish,
‘i want to live long enough to see
my cubs win the world series…’
well dad…
here is wish number two-
your lips to God’s ear.