daddy’s little girl at nautilus teachings


on the day
she was born
the world wept
at her beauty
with brunette hair
entered his world
his eyes
also were wet
with tears
as her mother
a soft smile
and whispered the words
“mom, i have a daughter…”
she would change
them both…
he could not believe
she was his-
part of him…
but he took to her like
warm milk when it meets
melted chocolate
they were inseparable
wherever he went
she too followed
as she grew up
riding in his trucks
holding his hand
singing sweet songs
she was his heart…
on the day she was born
her mother
began to
let her go
just like she had done
with her son…
she saw the unconditional
almost quizzical love
he had for her
a feeling he had never felt
and because she loved him
she gave him her…
she loved her freckle faced
brown eyed beauty
but the little girl
seemed to heal him
soften him
and for the longest time
he became her entirety
and her mother
who loved to brush
and braid her hair
sew her fancy dresses
sing and read to her
began the unbinding of the tie
which tethered them,
for the mothers hope
was that this
piece of both of them
this dark haired baby girl
would be their glue…
on the day her sister arrived
big, blonde
and screaming
she saw him begin changing
his hurtful words
to her mother
“i thought it would be a boy…”
was the beginning
and probably the kindest words
he would spout out at her mom
in the years to come…

she stayed close to him
she protected her sister
but they were like
oil and water
two different souls
looking nothing alike
with personalities
completely opposite…
so the little girl
held onto him.
she hid in corners
sat in darkness
ear glued to his door
and heard the ugly words
he so easily threw at her mom
saw the threats,
knife in hand
and prayed
“God, please help my daddy…”
her mother stayed
because she was weak
she had no self worth
and was beaten down
with words
she just could not find the strength
to rise up from…
until the day
he slapped his beauty
and when her mother returned
he left
and never returned
accept to yell, scream
and do things she knew
she would never ever
do in her life…
her brother grew up
moved out
and her sister
never liked him
she tried
but his love for her
was not the same
as it was for the first…
was her mommy’s girl…
we all have a story to tell
it can have many sides
many memories
and as we grow up
accepting our life stories
we learn to forgive
and to be a better person…
the mother
loves them all
each one in a different way
does she regret
giving her to him?
allowing him to favor her?
because she knows
even to this day
little freckle face
is the only one
who can soften
his hardened heart…