daisy me silliness at nautilus teachings

daisy me
daisy me

Daisy me
Daisy me
Maybe even crazy me
Since I was tiny
I was a flower
I was the fragrant lavender lilac bush
Waving to the world
Saying, “I am here, look at me…”
I would stand tall and fling my hair around
Til I was dizzy
Giggle loudly then fall on the grass
And watch the world spin
Ding a ling a ling ding ding
Say the lily of the valley to my tiny ears
Listening to the bells
I lay upon the soft kelly green grass
And feel them calling me to silence
To peace and grace
I would stand tall
Grasping just a few flowers
And know I would one day
Be a princess
Head held high I strolled the black asphalt
Of my youth
Thinking how glorious the world was
Dandelion to wishing flower
How you held so much power
I do not know
Standing bent all yellow and yummy
I pick you
Stick you under my chin for color
Pop off your head
As you fall to the ground
I stand tall
I have just beheaded the demons
Wishing flower from dandelion
I hold you close to my heart
I shut my eyes make a wish
Hold my head high
And float
Like you

wishing flower
wishing flower

I was always a flower
Reaching up towards the sun
Stretching my arms out and up
I was fed by the warmth
It made me stand taller
Beckoned me to fly…
I am a daisy
Daisy so crazy
Only I float free
With the “wishing wings”
Without a stem
My petals ruffle
And sing
I fly with reckless abandon
To coves, islands, and dream worlds
Where no corners exist
No strings to tie me down
I am free-
Trusting the release of each life giving “wing”
As they twirl towards the center
Of their path chosen
Daisy daisy
Daisy mine
I stand tall
Showing the world
I am full of colors
Not just
Heaped in corner
I may bend at times to rest
My spirit
But I am a daisy
I love me
I love me
I do…

having faith
having faith