day 3 post op at nautilus teachings


i have taken my box
into my closet today-
the kids are in the studio
on the blow up bed
d is in the guest room
laid up from his first
surgery on his ankle…
and seeing as this is
day 3 post op
he is getting antsy…
he never ever sits still
so i know he is going bonkers
and i also know there is
nothing i can do…
today he asked if he could drive
the 8 blocks to his BFF’s house
to watch the game at 3:30-
as he was asking
i heard angels crooning out
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
i am very happy
being an introvert
most of the time
i love writing
and painting
just creating anything…
i don’t need conversations
or pop in visitors
and i accept and embrace
my introvertedness like a champ!
my favorite thing to do
as an extrovert
is teach…

i love love love to teach art
and hope to grow my business
one day to
hosting workshops
and giving speeches
just helping women
release, heal, forgive
accepting themselves
flaws and all…
but at this moment
i find myself
having to engage
in some tasks
i don’t normally do
because they are
poop shoveling
bathing the boys
carrying of every plate
back and forth,
picking up
for him things
he just cannot do at this time…
its not a huge deal
but it’s a bit like
taking care of a newborn again…
you are constantly checking on them
are they hungry
have they pooped yet
do they need a refill on water
a massage
or even a quick bath…
all the while silently praying
“please let them take a nap today…”
right now the house is quiet
i am making him his “crack” meal for dinner-
sausage, burgers, beans, mac-n-cheese
and salt and vinegar chips…
so the house smells super yummy
and i see this as the devil taunting me,
“you can smell it, but you cannot eat it…
na na na na na…”
life is this crazy, silly, mad journey
and i feel honored and proud to
have superman by my side
knowing at times
he may encounter
a bit of kryptonite
but my man of steel
the mild mannered psychologist
will soon be up, up and away
riding waves in Costa
with his friends…