defiance or acceptance at nautilus teachings

and then one day
we begin to grow up…
sher was floating
in a mix of candle light
belly kisses
and love…
the funny thing was
they laughed so much
they never really
even finished
but got dressed
and went for a walk.
it was the middle of the night
stars still glistening
more snow had fallen
the world looked new…
their footprints were the first
upon the grass
and the steps
leading to the dimly lit chapel…
peter opened the door
sher stepped inside
“stay here” he whispered
then he walked to the altar
lit a candle
and softly said,
“now look into my eyes
and walk slowly
towards me…”
she was smiling
and excited,
when she reached peter
he set the candle down
took her hands
and spoke,
“schultz, sheri, i love you.
i want you to know this
before God
that i intend to marry you.”
then he got down
on one knee
gazed up at her
and asked,
“will you marry me?”
here sher was-
not yet 19
no idea of what
she wanted to do with her life
in a chapel
89 miles from home
with a gorgeous man
who wants to marry her?
she paused for just
a tiny moment
taking in the cross
the beauty
her faith
this man
then nodded her head
a tear strolling down her cheek
and whispered,
‘oh peter, yes. yes i will marry you.’

hand in hand
they strolled
back to his dorm
and finished
what they started
falling into a deep lovers sleep
never wanting reality
to wake them up…
the next day
she told all her girlfriends
excitement quickly took over
they rushed out and bought
every bridal magazine
grabbed some beer
and settled into sher’s room
to dream together,
‘look at that dress’
‘do you want a spring or fall wedding’
‘where will you live?’
‘are you going to go to school up north?’
it was all mind boggling
but a grin never left her face
around mid day
peter popped over with
flowers and a grin
not to mention his class ring…
in front of all the girls
he once more
got down on bended knee
and proposed –
this time with his class ring!
sher once more said
everyone cheered and the
soon to be newlyweds kissed…
“i gotta run” peter said,
“we are piling in the bus to go workout
with the kenosha cougars,
i’m gonna try out for their team
so i can stay here next year
and be closer to you, schultzy…
i love you. i will come see you when i get home…”
‘awwwwwww’, said all the girls.
he was off and sher knew it was time
to call her parents…
‘what would they say?’ she thought to herself
she was actually dreading the call
but it had to be done.
her parents knew she was dating peter
they knew it was serious
would they chalk it all up to puppy love?
as the phone rang
butterflies danced in sher’s stomach,
‘hey mom, how are you?’
“i’m good dear heart. how is school.
in a few more months you’ll be home!”
‘yeah. about that mom.
i think i am going up to spend
the first part of the summer with
peter and his family…’
“oh. don’t you think it’s a little to soon
to do that? i mean, meet them, yes,
but live in there house?”
sher took a deep breath
and began,
‘oh mom! last night ……’
she unraveled the whole story
while dory was silent.
“what about the other boy?
the one you’ve been writing?
he comes from a good family
and he will be able to provide for you.
This peter is just going to be a teacher,
sher, you must call it off immediately….”
there it was.
the line had been drawn.

‘mom. i love him.’
“sher, this is dad. you cannot marry this guy.
we have not even met him.
break it off.
you are to young…”
‘but dad, i will bring him home.
you will love him.
he has very deep faith
a strong family bond.
he’s wonderful…’
“sheri lynn
you heard what i said
now do it!”
with that,
her dad slammed the phone down
the line went dead
and sher began to cry.
her friends all heard
and were soon wrapping her
up in a big hug.
“it’s ok, schultzy, you can do what
you want. you are an adult…”
“they are just mad…”
“give them time…”
sher looked at the clunky
college ring
just given to her
by the hunky
super sweet
football star.
she thought about
their love
their conversations
how well they fit
she thought about it all.
then she turned to her friends
and said,
‘come on girls, let’s go try on wedding dresses!”