don’t do it at nautilus teachings


i saw her standing
in the corner
at the holiday party
i knew she was waiting
for him to arrive…
was her best friends husband.
she had a mad crush on him
flirted endlessly
with him
always dressed
to show off ‘the girls’
which were scrunched up
unusually high tonight,
nearly bursting out
of the top of her
sexy, tight clinging
red hot dress…
her wine glass
held up near her lips
in anticipation
of the taste…
not of the liquid
but of him.
she wanted him
even though
he was her best friends hubby
father to
three adorable children
she wanted the house
the vacations
the nice cars
not to work-
“how hard could it be,”
she thought, “to take care of children?”
i wandered around
greeting everyone
helping my husband
stir, cook, serve, pour
he is animated
and the love of my life
together we share
a simple life
one we both protect fiercely
since we each had
been deeply hurt in prior marriages.
i spin around
smile upon my face
and see him enter
beautiful wife by his side
they look happy
and then,

the wanna be home breaking
feline begins her prowl
pausing to pose seductively
making sure he notices
her every move
she strolls her finger gently
over her voluptuous
emerging breasts
catching his eyes…
then she rapidly approaches
her bff,
“hey, beautiful…merry christmas.”
the two embrace
chat quietly
and soon wander off
leaving him to
hang with the boys
fill up a plate of food
enjoy an ice cold beverage
and just relax…
the party carries on
everyone having a wonderful time
my husband and i
make sure we get a chance
to spend time with all of our guests
while still refilling and topping off
food and beverages.
the night is glorious
the twinkle lights all lit
stars in the gazillions
magic surrounds us.
mid way through the evening
another couple we know arrives…
i notice they are cold to
each other
giving the appearance
of a prior disagreement
they are not holding hands
and separate as soon as they enter
with fake smiles plastered upon
their faces.
my handsome husband and i
exchange glances
nodding at the understanding
i will talk to her and
he to him.
we love having get togethers
the planning of the menu
the purchasing of the food
cooking it together
setting up
just the anticipation
of filling our home with
laughter and memories
with good friends and families
bonds us tightly…

and our favorite time is
the clean up
put away
the time we giggle
shake our heads
and share
all the stories of the evening.
we trust one another.
end of story.
we also have an agreement
to talk
and listen
to share everything
the good and the bad.
this is what marriage is…
a balancing act
the knowledge
some days you may
have disagreements
may not want to be in their space
but at the end of the day
when all is said and done-
you love.
you turn off all the noise
you put your arms
around one another
and you apologize
you forgive…
for those couples who
do not trust one another
whether it is due to
old wounds…
without 100% trust
you are just doomed…
our party was a success
no one kissed
anyone inappropriately
and everyone left with
their chosen date or spouse.
marriage is
and always has been
a tough job sometimes,
but oh,
how wonderful the bennies are…
be loyal
trust one another
love with all your heart
every second
every breath you have
hold your family close
life is short…
and for the record
just in case this is NEW news to you-
every story has two sides.
if you are lonely
feeling disconnected
in need of
clearing the air
or just time with
the one you love,
open up your mouth
and speak to your spouse…
you might just be surprised
the person you love
may be feeling the same way too…