early morning drives at nautilus teachings

early mornings
have always meant
a lazy walk on the beach
sleeping in
coffee with d on the dock
just slowly awakening
my coffee in hand
boys at my feet
i love mornings…
this week…
what i am doing
where i am going is
a blessing
but i never realized
so many people
were awake
driving really, super fast
and that i needed to have
two coffees in me to
even be on the road.
since i am at schools
where the bathrooms
are meant for tiny butts
and short legs-
i have yet to find an
adult bathroom,
i think they hide them
in the teacher’s break rooms!
i opt out of the second coffee
pop open my green tea
i made before i left
put on some meditation music
and drive
i use the app WAZE
to guide me to every school,
in fact, we use this app
for every trip we take
we love it so much…
every day the soft female voice
instructs me
turn here
go there
and when i mess up
it makes this funny sound
and says,
“hey, turn around, silly!”
one thing WAZE does do
is make me giggle,
every day!

it seems she cannot
pronounce correctly
any street or road
and i love this…
it puts life into perspective
and reminds me of the book
“don’t sweat the small stuff”
and every morning
i laugh out loud
as i meander down
roads i have never seen before
knowing what awaits me
are the most beautiful
little faces, hands
and souls
just waiting for
miss sheri
to enter their classrooms
talk with them about
what random acts of kindness are
and then lead them
with their helpers
through a painting…
these kids are so full
of life and happiness.
they struggle
on all different levels
but they teach me
the importance of slowing down
remind me to listen harder
i learn something new,
every day…
i grow inside.
on most days
i tear up
want to wrap them
all in healing hugs,
and when i leave
i say a prayer for them
their families and their teachers…
then i hop in my car
turn back on WAZE
and prepare to laugh
over and over
knowing each day
the bat out of hell drivers
will be waiting at dawn
to maneuver their cars
very quickly
around my slow paced SUV
while i zen out
to instrumental music
that lulls me
into the knowing
my simple life
is blessed…

my husband loves me
he supports everything i
believe in
but more importantly
i get to do
exactly the one thing
my mother taught me
to love to do
and that was
morning will arrive
i will drive with semi open eyes
to a new school
meet new teachers
and children
while the maiden from WAZE
will release a giggle from me
with every turn i take
leading me down
this path of personal growth
and assuring me
faith is always
bigger than fear.