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“Eat your dinner or no dessert”

how many of you
grew up hearing this?
i remember having to sit
at the table into the dark
because i did not want to
eat the food on my plate..
I wanted
Because my mom
Was the best baker in town…
cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, pies-
you name it
and it was fresh
daily in our tiny house
on linden ave…
dinner however was
another story-
From liver and onions
To gross green beans
It went in my mouth
i would fake chewing it
and try not to gag
or barf…
Then i would spit it
into my hand
place it under the table
To feed the dog
and look around
to see if my brothers noticed…
no one tattled about this
so i am pretty sure
our dog was eating
like a king from all three of us!
it went in my mouth
then i would run to the bathroom
spit it into the toilet
and flush it down the drain
but you could only pull this stunt
in an absolute emergency
because we were all expected
to use the bathroom and
wash our hands right before dinner
and mom always supervised this!
I tried hiding it in my napkin
but when i got up to clear my plate
and drop the napkin in the garbage
my food tumbled out,
mom saw this
and i was sent directly to bed
with no dessert that day…
i remember begging my aunt
for a frosting flower
from a celebration cake
it looked so pretty
and all i could think of was
that must be the best part!
when she finally gave in,
i ate the cake quickly
saving this delicate yummy for last
only to pop it in my mouth
almost puking from the disgusting flavor…
i quickly put it in my napkin
went to the bathroom

for some crazy reason
i guess i had mom brain at the time,
I tried this with my kids.
it did not work at all
They ended up
Vomiting on the table
Falling asleep
Above all
Making me feel like the bully I was being
Who did I think I was
Julia Child?
My cooking was good
But not for the palette of a kid
They wanted
Pizza, mac n cheese, hotdogs…
So that’s what they got
And I got
And time around the table with my children…
“Eat your dinner or no dessert”
Was a dumb rule
One I broke as often as I could
Thanks to the dog
And as I watch my grown children
Now in their 20’s and  30’s munch on
Pizza, mac n cheese, hotdogs, bagels, doughnuts
To name a few
I smile
Hug them
Whisper in
Their ear
“better eat it now while you can
Because in a few years
It will all go to your hips!”
And whisper
(with their mouths full)
“I know that mom,
But it