us all-
when we
least expect it
or want it…

you know the bone weary feeling-
you don’t want to move
eat, shower or talk….
but you pick yourself up
because life calls you.
inside you though,
you hear the hum
of stillness
you feel your heart beating
your blood flowing
your lungs breathing
you close your eyes
for just a moment
soaking in the peace
knowing this comes
from acceptance
of the routine of life
the demands of parenting
the long hours of work
there is
a shift
in the ability to manage it all…

when the baby cries
you smile
count to ten
and hum a lullaby
while gently rocking
back and forth
along with the
movement of each breath…
when work takes longer
and you arrive home
needing to cook dinner
for hungry mouths
you stroll in smiling
kiss the tops of everyones head
pop in a favorite family movie
announce “it’s pizza night”
and are surrounded by shouts of
glee and hugs of adoration
as your feel your heartbeat
expanding the love
you feel for this blessing…

you peel off your clothes
wash your hands and face
you grin into the mirror at your reflection
and as you slip into your comfy clothes
you curl up your toes
letting the stress of the day go
when from around the corner
your handsome husband bounces in the door
wraps you in a warm embrace
kisses you softly and whispers,
“honey, you are genius-
pizza and a movie on a Wednesday…”
you giggle
knowing he gets you
he understands
sometimes you are just overwhelmed with life
and that’s perfectly ok with him
your blood races
and you feel flushed
with the gift of grace…

exhaustion now lies upon your lap for a nap
as your hunker down
laughing and nourishing with your family
and as they one at a time
nod off to sleep
you too close your eyes
and silently pray
“thank you God for all my blessings
forgive me for not cooking tonight
or throwing in the laundry
or checking homework
tonight i place our lives
within the palm of your hand
each day