fallible at nautilus teachings



we are all fallible-

capable of making mistakes or being erroneous

we don’t wake up in the morning
and think,
‘today, i am going to fail’
i’m going to blow my presentation’
‘i will be careless with my words
and ignorant to the pain and suffering
around me’…

we just don’t

plenty of us fear failure
so we strive harder
to be a perfectionist
we may try controlling
everyone we come in contact with
or live sheltered lives
because of this fear…
some take failure as part of life-
totally is-
not just our loved ones
our children
and thats
we are human.
expecting perfection
from anyone incites failure…
when my mother was
diagnosed with Leukemia
and given 6 months to live
the doctor did not sugar coat it
he sat with her
answered her questions
held her
and before he left i remember
him looking her square in
her big brown
all welled up with tears eyes
and saying,
‘dory, if anyone can beat this
you can…don’t give up…’

was he lying?
he knew how strong my mom was
he knew she would fight…
and fight she did-
she did not breathe her last breath
until 3.5 years later…
she still lost her battle
but her team of doctors
and nurses
never talked about dying
or failure
they talked about
positive, happy things
going on in their lives
to encourage my mom
to live for those…
and live she did,
to see me get pregnant
give birth to her grandson
and teach me the foundation
of being a good mom.
that in itself was my gift
from God.
let’s take a look at all the
amazing teachers out there
who are dealt this mixed up batch
of kids
from different cultures, beliefs, income levels
every day they welcome every child-
with a smile and kindness.
they chose this job to make a difference
no matter how hard some adults
lack of parenting can make it
failure is not an option.
what is it you choose to do with your life?
is failure a word you use?
if so i urge you to
change your thinking
i believe every time we are imperfect
we learn
we grow
we become
a better person
because in not-succeeding the way
we envisioned it
is God’s way of showing us
we are not in control
and we cannot ever know it all-
because guess what
no one cares where you went to school
what your GPA was
how many trophies you have
and how many certificates hang
upon your wall…
what they want to know
is how can you help them
make themselves stronger
understand life…

what we want is for every person
no matter their occupation
not to lie,
to be open and honest up front
like my moms doctor.
he could have easily said,
‘well, dory, i would get your affairs in order,
pick out your casket
pay for the cemetery
plan your funeral…’
but he didn’t
he had compassion and empathy
for my mother.
he is a true healer of souls
even if he could never
actually save her life…
and that teacher
who is daily dealing with
multiple disciplinary issues-
they handle it.
they find a way to reach
each child in some way
by positively pointing out
their strengths
and letting them know
within the walls of their school
they are safe
cared for
and will be taught
how to navigate life
even if it’s only one
baby step at at time…
as adults in this crazy
mixed up changing world
we have the ability
to love
yet there is this
cracked collection
of individuals
who choose to
through social media
fear, suffering and pain
by demeaning
verbally assaulting
and accusing people
they dislike
or have failed them…
what are they getting
from this?
life is hard enough
without being
every time you sign
onto any account…
just click on any headline,
scroll your newsfeed
and there is not a
positive kind uplifting
mix in the bunch
everyone is pointing fingers
tomorrow morning
as you flip open your
and greet a new day,
i encourage you
to begin with a smile
say hello to a stranger
buy someone coffee
slow to let a car
enter the road
look at this one life
for exactly as it is-
a gift-
and no-one
has the right
to take that away from you…
they only have that power
if you give it to them.
delete them
unfollow them
let their bs fill up someone
else’s day
and if you cannot find
anything funny to watch on television
then turn it off,
go outside
and say hello
to this one
beautiful life-
live it, baby…
live it to the fullest