feeding a cold at nautilus teachings


feed a cold
starve a fever
is how the old
saying goes…
i know the flu
and cold bugs
have been flitting around
cocoa beach
as everyone is posting,
‘ugh, i’m sick…’
d and i have been trying
to avoid any of the illnesses
but let’s face it,
he sees 12 patients a day
we both go to the gym
nursing home
we are not hermits
so a month ago
when he came home
i said,
‘stay away’
and gave him the voodoo curse…
a week after he was well
5 o’clock a week ago
after a wonderful day
of walking the beach
with our grandson
playing outside all day
dropping him off
and running to walmart
i entered the house
and my body
went down!
and a fever…

i peel off my clothes
stand under the hottest
shower i can take
put on three layers of clothes
leg warmers
my uggs
a scarf
my robe
turn on the heating pad
wrap myself in an extra blanket
then climb under a sheet, blanket,
another blanket and second comforter
i am shaking
and crying
when i fall into a deep sleep
for 2.5 hours…
d arrives home
checks my temp
brings me more water
and medicine
then leaves me to sleep 2 more hours
while he eats and watches tv.
i can tell you in those
5 hours there is no way
i felt like eating
let alone drinking anything
but i knew
i had to sip water
so i could pee
so i did not get dehydrated!
by 9:30 i was awake
hungry and peeing!!!
my fever had broke
i was
throwing off layer after layer
i flipped on my fan
i have next to the bed
turned the ceiling fan on high
and said,
‘wow. it’s hot in here baby,
crank down the AC!’

i took off Thursday
and Friday so i did not give
anything to our grandson
and then ate my way back
to me over 4 days…
everything and anything
i ever wanted or craved
went into my mouth
cheese popcorn
biscuit sandwiches
and at least
3 gallons of water
every day…
i was eating and peeing
like i was 8 months

Monday hit
and i now had laryngitis!
i felt
pretty darn good…
sure, at night
my nose was stuffy
and my head felt as if
i had a vice on it…
mornings were tough
i woke with swollen eyes
clogged sinuses
and another massive aching head
leading me to instantly
inhale my meds along
with my coffee
which now increased
from one cup to two…
throughout the day
i dry hacked
lozenger sucked
water drank
filled my tummy every 2 hours
and took a vow of silence
as much as possible,
until 3pm…
then, i would drop off
our grandson early
call my husbands patients
and try to not sound like death-
it did not work
every one of them asked me,
‘are you feeling ok?!!!’

they say a cold is
7 days coming
7 days here
and 7 days going…
i am now just beginning
the last phase of this
you can have it back
i hope
no one caught it from me
because i only coughed into
a towel or my arm
did not kiss a soul
except d,
on the cheek!
stayed home
as much as possible
and fed my cold
like a grandma who has
12 grandchildren
who have all come to visit
crying, ‘grandma we are hungry…’
fixing mega size everything
stuffing my face
with the weirdest combinations
of food
all to catch a glance
in the mirror my
‘haven’t hit the gym, walked
or lifted in 10 days
and eaten like a pig

if you happen to catch
this nasty germ,
i say,
feed it til
you look like
Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
after she ate the blueberries!
because honestly
it will make you feel
so much better,
get tons of rest
drink lots of water
stay home
and if you go out
please carry a small towel
with you ,
like i did for every time
you have to sneeze
or blow your nose!

my food cravings have
now subsided
which means
i am on the upswing
of this icky bug
and what i want to do
is go 24/7 like a madwoman
completing everything
i had to put on the back burner
so i could lay on the sofa
watch movies
and pretend
no matter what i ate
i would not gain weight
and it would
heal me!

Good luck staying healthy
it can be hard to do
even when you are
an OCD clean
and neat freak like me…
and if it does take you down
however long it stays
be a good human

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