flat feet at nautilus teachings


we are all aging
we all have parts
that either
need repair,
or physical therapy
but what our body
really wishes
is that we would
just accept it…
no way!
in the age of botox
tummy tucks
personal trainers
and photoshop
it is getting harder
and harder
to see
age in any magazine,
tv show
or on the net…
so what do we do?
we eat right
try to sleep enough
don’t drink to much
but still some of us
show age more than others
we cannot change our
and when you put all this together
you can understand why some
scream “it’s so unfair,
i don’t eat anything and i gain weight…”
my husband can eat
his weight in food
and not gain an ounce
he works out like a dog
paddle boards
and eats extremely healthy
he is one of the few people
i know with such self control
he can just eat 3 chips
or one tiny piece of chocolate…
the power of his mind
still amazes me…
but, his legs are long
and lean
his waist is high
and his bff always jokes with him,
“stewart, how do you stand on those legs…”
he has had 9 knee surgeries
a plate and bolts in his hip
broken his hand
bitten by a shark
and today
my strong,
handsome surfer dude
is told
his right food is now

he goes in for an ankle consult
and comes out needing
a new base of a foot
before they can even fix the ankle…
so we are plotting the 6 weeks
he won’t be able to get it wet
and the 6 months he won’t be able to surf
rowing and
are tops
then comes
body surfing
once he gets stronger…
my underwearmodelsurferdudebaldoldfuckerhusbandilove
will never give up or into aging
and i love this about him
he inspires me
in so many ways
i get to go through this journey with him
he knows i have his back
and we know that together
be it surfing
paddle boarding
or even just strolling down the beach
this ole midwestern girl loves him…
when the doctor told us the news
and i saw my hubbies huge heart nearly stop
as he leaned against the wall
put his hands on his head
his eyes grew wide
and he whispered,
“wow, wow,wow…”
then he looked at me
i smiled
and said
“well baby,
i’ll just get me one of those
three wheel strollers
and wheel you around town
for a while!”
and so the journey begins…