freckle face at nautilus teachings


i hear the soft
click, click, click
of her shoes
the door creaks open
the boys pop up
sniff her and wag
their tails
doc and i rise up
and walk her to the door
she is leaving
this once tiny
freckle faced love
has continued
to grow
into one of the strongest
women i know
her beauty is flawless…
there is pink haze
upon the morning clouds
her tiny silver car
which was once grandmas
is packed
she is ready
to begin the long road
to her new home in Virginia…
we hug, hug, hug
exchange several
i love you’s and then tears-
you know them
your nose and eyes tingle
you get goosebumps
from trying not to sob
your tear ducts fill
and the tsunami
of emotions
twirls inside…

mommy is sad
mommy is sad

i watch as she closes her door
starts her car
and drives away…
one last wave
a tiny glance
once inside
i walk the short distance
to where she slept
and touch the sheets
the thread count is 400
they are satin
and soft
just like her skin
i begin to peel back
the layers
when i am hit
i fall into the bed
and cry
our life as mother
and daughter
is the finest weave
of fabrics
bonded together
unconditional love…
if you unravel the
intertwined strings
you will find a foundation
strong enough
to sustain
any upwelling…
the fibers
with years
of memories
balance together
with the interwoven
lining of golden chords
from our faith and trust…
we have had our
as mother and child
yet each one of us knows
to allow the other
pauses to weep
to heal
to breathe…

she and her
she and her

another day begins
tasks are listed upon paper
the boys are restless
wanting to run
the sun is now fully up
i hear the
ding, ding, ding
signaling to me
the washer is complete
time to shake out the sheets
and begin the drying time-
the months when
she will be there
i will be here
we will both
laugh, love, learn, cry
miles apart from each other
always knowing
we are connected
by the golden strand
only shared
mother and daughter
thread counts
steps taken
words said
these are all pieces
of our soul
we are
a gift
a bond
a tie
no one
as long as there is
love, forgiveness, listening
by our faith.