happiness at nautilus teachings

are you happy?
are you happy?

i am listening to Oprah
speak to Gretchen Rubin
about her book
“The Happiness Project…”
i actually read this book
when it came out
so i found it fascinating to hear
her speak
using words i spoken so often today-
being mindful
living in the present
it’s ok to ask for help…
to name a few…
personal happiness varies for
every individual on so many levels
i am not a complex person
simplicity is the key
i can get lost for hours
even days
if left alone
in the process of creating
just feeling the paint
writing the words
tearing the fabric
is all healing balm for my soul
every day i use my imagination
making sure
i am an original in all i do
it may seem time consuming
and even silly to some
but i enjoy
just being different
living life with no box
no boundaries
lost in endless possibilities
each day i wake…

what shall we do next?
what shall we do next?

but i also
love, love, love
the knowing
each day is kinda planned
that my boys will
come first each day
that my hubby
works certain hours
that i get to run
i get to paint
i just get to decide
am i happy or not
from the minute i open my eyes…
and when things
start bouncing the wrong way
or i get frustrated
i have to take the time
to still myself
to lie down
or just close my eyes
breathe in this amazing life
fall gracefully into prayer…

my faith is my center
the golden thread
weaving in and out
of my entire being
the assurance
i am enough
i am forgiven
i am loved…
when doc is traveling
i am ok with not making my bed,
with not cooking meals
i can live on a pot of soup
until it runs out
variance of food just
does not matter to me
but my husband
loves, loves, loves food…
he wants to know every day
what’s for lunch and dinner
he loves thinking about
the aroma,
the flavor
the taste…
he’s a guy
what can i say!
but when he goes on surf trips
i don’t cook
i don’t wear makeup
i sleep weird hours
i just turn off my
“gotta do it”
and shift back into
slow and easy
like the tide kissing the shore…

time to unfurl
time to unfurl

Oprah and Gretchen are still
endlessly speaking in the back ground
i have tuned them out
because their conversation
is exhausting me
i have never been a
never liked competition
no big desire to make millions
i love life way to much
and at the age of 53
am enjoying every day
i get to wake up
and strong…
i feel very blessed
and i express gratitude
daily in my journal
on my phone
and verbally…
every time i get to drive my
lexus my husband bought me
a few months back
i smile
and when i get to my destination
i text him
“thank you for this beautiful car
i love you…”
so getting back to happiness
are you happy?
we reflect that which we emit…
i am the color blue
i am whimsy
i am painted and
covered with words
i am a whole bunch of
silly, wacky, titled things
i hope i ooze out of every pore
paint, giggles, love, faith
and yes,
of course
the big one
after all don’t we just
love, love, love
Pharrell William’s
i dare you to play his song today
and not get up to dance,
don’t sing along
or smile
you can’t
and you know why
“happiness is the truth…”

mom did not know who she was...
we are happy