happy clouds at nautilus teachings


i love quiet mornings in my studio
soft music playing
my eyes still tired
coffee steaming beside me
a day of creating awaits.
but first,
in the still
with only twinkle lights
glowing ,
sunlight streaming in
across my shiny
ocean blue floor
and silence…
the cape royal
on saturdays
is still asleep
and will remain so
most of the weekend
as very few
business owners
come in on saturday
and she is locked tight
on sunday…
part of my new year
is opening
my tiny bali studios
on saturday
for people of all ages
to come in
and make whatever
they are dreaming of.
i know this is a day
of a multitude of sport
practices for kids
a day of cleaning house
buying groceries
doing laundry
and just
catching up from the week
and i have absolutely
no expectation
just the hope
that maybe
you will drop your kids off
while you rush around
go get your hair done
sip coffee with your friend
or even just have some
quiet alone time
to gather your thoughts…
maybe you and your kids
need some fun time
to connect after a bustling week,
you and your friends
to busy to even chat
may want a place
to talk, laugh, catch up
all while painting on a canvas
learning a new medium
or upcycling one you just
do not like…
is your family in town?
need something different to do
over coffee & bagels?

i gaze out the window…
the sky is overcast
temps are cool
the waves
although baby in size
at this moment
may prove to be
great rides for
the surfers in competition
at Sebastian inlet…
i check my magic seaweed app
hoping for a low tide
at a time
i can actually walk
our very beat up shores
from two years
of hurricane damage…
during the week i walk
our grandson
and it is jut past high tide
every day
making the journey
for me a bit tougher
but still full of fun…

“patience, patience, patience,
patience and faith is what the sea
teaches us”
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

you will hear this quote
from me many times
in my writings
because not only do i believe this

when my life was
butt ass crazy for
so so so many years
i would drive with my
three kids
from illinois
all night just to reach
the shores of my
beloved cocoa beach
only to park
and run to
mother ocean
in tears
just dipping my toes
into her healing waters
would save me
give me air
and help me live
just one more year
until we would meet again…
i would spend hours
walking her shore
telling her all my

this is what sustained me

with the two of them
tucked deeply inside
my pocket
their golden threads
woven in and around
my soul
my heart pounding out
the ebb and flow
of the water
lapping the edge
kissing the baby sand
all the while
my words
giving it all to God…
the healing balm
of those two
will forever be
one of my deepest
happiest memories…

i have lived
in cocoa beach
since january of 2005.
so many changes
in my life
my tiny towns life
the people i have come
to know and love…
i have always felt
like this was home
always known
this is where i needed to be.

now that i am in the second half
of my life
God is sending me a message
to slow
to connect
to grow…
He is preparing me
for my
on golden pond years
which i so look forward
with d by my side
all our beautiful grandchildren
with the 5 amazing kids
we raised
and their spouses
taking time
to laugh
one another
accept each other
for who we are~

we have many
tiny families
in our lives
our gym families
our church families
our work families
our neighbor families
and for me
my art families…
here i am
each saturday
hoping one or two of you
will show up,
drop off your kids
and engage
in one of the most
and healing
forms of expression~

the creative process

no matter how you
wish to express yourself
i am here.
i invite you
to come in,
sit down
and smile for a while…
and as bob ross would say

“paint some happy clouds…”