having faith at nautilus teachings


i sit wrapped in my faith
as easily as a small child
clutches their security blanket…
each day
upon rising
i cloak myself
in that which has sustained
and carried me
my entire life…
i don’t have to think about it
i know it is there,
faith is like that for me
it is the ebb and flow
the continuous current
a buzzing energy
which fills me up
catches me
heals me
it just never leaves
i trust my faith…
recently someone i love asked this me question…

“how can you believe in the bible
when it is filled with proven falsities?”

i believe in the wholeness of my faith
as easily as i believe in the in people i love…
for me it’s about the teachings of Jesus
about kindness, understanding, forgiveness, love…
we are all flawed
do i believe everything in the bible?
but i believe in the teachings of Jesus.
do i agree with everything she does?
but i believe in and love her.
we never give up on people we love
just because they hurt us,
lie to us,
disappoint us
so why would i do that with my faith?
but her question was about the bible…
so my answer was this…
“i do not preach the bible, i do not believe
every word in the bible
what i do believe in is Jesus and his teachings…
what i do have is faith…
the wholeness of it,
the beautiful knowing i am
saved, forgiven and accepted…
my faith never lets me down…”

she sits back taking this all in
without much response
as i continue on…


“my faith is the only thing in my life
that has ever supported and saved me
i will never give it up
because there are falsities in the bible…
it’s not about a book
it’s about God,
his son Jesus
how each and ever day of my life
He walks hand in hand with me
He’s someone i can talk to
every day
about anything
He calms me
and just loves me
just like i love you.
do i make you mad?
am i just like you?
am i going to disappoint you?
let you down?
of course.
but that is not the point…
i accept you- flaws and all
in agreement or out
no matter what
you are loved
by me…
and that is how i feel
when it comes to my faith…
no matter what
there is forgiveness and love
and what could be better that that?”

and isn’t Jesus really saying something as simple as

“you’ve got a friend in me………….”