HE whispers to me

and He whispers to me...
and He whispers to me…

“We lay ourselves down…”

my friend

is a powerful statement…

Dear Sheri,

“tiny little soul

curled up in a ball

lie within the palm of my hand

and know you are home…”

”teenage wonder girl hiding 
in the corner

arms stretched up towards light

lay upon my shoulder and I shall hold you…”

“young woman crying upon the steps

eyes looking up toward my light

I’m sorry I took your mother

Lie across my arms
and I will carry you…”

”mom of three

i feel your sadness

curl up in the chair

read my words

then lie down

and I will take you on a journey

of hope, love, forgiveness and faith…”

”blue artist with many words

lying upon the sand

ocean caressing you

I cleanse you of your sin

i rock you in my embrace

i live within you always

and when at last you

lie down 
to take your last breath

upon this earth

it will be me


you home

and places you

your mother…”