him at nautilus teachings


the softly lit
her eyes
landed upon him
and his soft smile…
quickly glancing downward
she slid
through the crowd,
grabbed a glass of wine
and settle within view
of his form.
she wanted
to fold into him.
at first sight
it appeared
her soft edges
would not conform
to his very
already formed
boxed edges…
at this moment
in her life
she was like
silly putty,
open to
new feelings
and ready
to set foot
upon a new path
in life…
he stood
like a
solid oak tree.
his arms
were like
willow branches
grasping at every person
hugging them
into his space.
it appeared as if
each person
held a piece
of his heart…
she took in
a long deep breath
and slowly exhaled.
she knew
never again
would one person
hold all of her secrets
or reach into
the depths of her soul
leaving her broken,
should they ever
choose to leave…
this was her fear.
life had taught her
keep the most important thing
don’t tell any one person
what she saw
what she heard
what she knew,
just in case…
she learned
to let the slow
drip, drip, dripping
of memory
cascade from her
in blank moments
when she found
completely alone…
she knew
just one drop
of knowledge
could leave her
left to swim
against the tethering current
without air…

she watched
as he moved with such ease
from one person
to the next
connecting by embrace
with each one,
always appearing to
make them laugh
and in some cases
shed a tiny tear…
he was not a drinker
she could tell by the glass
of wine he’d been nursing
for over an hour,
although at every chance
he certainly loved to
graze the hors d’oeuvres table
leading her to belive
he was a foodie…
he was a helper,
fetching drinks
filling ice buckets
passing out napkins…
he was handsome
his strong frame
making the statement
i am an athlete…
she was amused
by his long narrow legs
and wondered,
“how did he stand on those?”
a slight giggle escaped her lips
as he adjusted his sight towards her
catching her big brown eyes
lit up with amusement…
he smiled.
she smiled back.
before he could break
from conversation
she disappeared
seeking a view of him
from a different angle.
‘he has long arms,
soft hands
and freckles…’
hmmm, she thought,
‘he must not work with his hands
but i would certainly like them
to take a tour of me…’
this time she threw her head back
and laughed out loud
stilling the room
as her hand quickly reached up
to cover her soft lips…
she shrugged her shoulders
and retreated to the restroom
to catch her breath
and try to clear her mind
of him..
why him?
she hadn’t noticed a wedding ring
but men rarely wore them
she doubted he had a girlfriend
by the random hawaiian shirt
he had on with those
skinny jeans…
‘really? did he not realize
they just accentuated his
flamingo legs?’
she washed her hands
grabbed her wine
opened the door

‘hi’, he said.
‘msmaohdfglkdlafjldj,’ she mumbled.
he looked at her amused
and said,
‘well, you’re pretty
but you’re retarded!’
she smiled.
closed her eyes.
took a deep breath
and said,
‘oh,’ he smiled and said,
‘so she can speak!’
‘do you know everyone here?’,
she asked him.
‘not everyone, why?’, he asked.
‘oh, ‘ she replied,
‘i’ve been watching you
work the room
and i think i was the
only person you missed
and now,
here you are…’, she smiled again.
he liked her.
‘you’ve been watching me, huh?
are you stalking me?’, he teasingly said…
‘wha? no! i was just…
well, kinda i guess…’ she replied.
‘oh! and why would that be?
do i need to call the police?’
he kidded her.
she smiled
reached out to him
touched his hand with hers
and replied,
‘i just wanted to see
if your skin was as soft
as it looks…’
they spent the next hour
sitting in chairs outside
sharing stories about
their lives,
glass of wine
and beginning
what is now
11 years of a happy marriage…
you never know
when that one person
is going to enter your space
but i can tell you this,
be an observer first
have patience
and surely
the right person
will find you…
it took me two failed marriages
to find my d
but boy did he steal
my heart from
my first utterances
which truly were
a long drawn out