hopefully, we become our parents at nautilus teachings


but you see,
we were
young too…
you see us
as so old,
knowing nothing,
never been
through anything,
unable to understand
how you think,
what you feel,
society today…
you have this notion
we were never poor
or struggling,
eating ramen noodles
mac and cheese
and hotdogs
every day…
what it feels like
to work long hours
for little pay,
to worry about
saving for a house
having babies
not getting enough sleep
or accepting
you just don’t believe
in organized religion
or our government…
if only we could hand you
a snow globe
a magic crystal ball
that let you see
exactly what we were like…
what our life was,
living on blow up furniture
boxes with towels
over them for tables
surviving on $12,000
a year
driving cars until
it fell apart
working 2 jobs
and going to school
taking your kids
to the local
health center for
free medical care
and using food stamps
because insurance
just was not in the books…

you can’t see this
when you were born
into all of this
we loved
every inch of you
and you never knew
we were poor
or that you did without,
wore thrift shop clothes,
hand me downs,
even garage sale items…
nor did you care
that our tv was tiny
we had no cable
and that every night
you ate your favorite-
which was from a box
full of preservatives
and cheap…
life to you was
catching fireflies
playing basketball
in the rain
finding kittens
in the abandoned house
next door
picking wild blueberries
that grew alongside
our home
and making every gift you gave…
you were happy
and you were loved…
so what if the three of you
shared the same room
read each others books
played with the same toys
or rode a girls bike
even though you were
a boy…
did not
so when we send you
stupid stuff
to remind you
of the simplicity
of life
like bubbles
water balloons
colored markers
and letters
which say,
‘never grow up,
what it is like
to be a kid…’
when we hang out
grilled burgers and dogs
while we watch you
the next day
spend $12 on a wrap
filled mostly with lettuce,
that when we get
to see you


we furnish the fridge
with all you will ever need
hoping you will hang onto
the knowledge that
less is more
our love is unconditional
and mom’s
homemade free wraps
seriously are way better
than those made by
so come in,
sit down with us
spend the time
eat our food
drink our liquor
laugh with us
let us hold and
help you raise
your children…
with us
there will be no
video games
nook books
computer games
or fast food
with us
they will have
old movies
be read stories
board games
and meals
they can get
nowhere else
accept grandma
and grandpas…
we get
that there is a huge gap
between our life
and yours,
we just will always believe
in old soft t-shirts with holes
doing chores
sharing stories
cooking for ourselves
fixing whatever is broken
and the dream
that one day
you too
will become
just like us…