i believe…….at nautilus teachings


i believe i was born
an artist and writer
i believe blue
heals my soul
i believe
in God
i believe
in living my truths
in not ever
bowing down
to any one person
who decides
they want to judge me
criticize me
beat me up with words
i believe
through my faith
i am strong
i can bend
and weather any storm
i am buoyed by His love
i believe in expression-
sung, painted
carved, spoken,
i believe we each know
in our souls
what we were meant to do
and i believe
with love and support
we can achieve anything
we set our minds to…
i believe you find happiness
in smiles, hugs, love,
eye glances
in giving
without expectation
of anything in return
i believe in hand holding
and home cooking
in loving the one you are with

i believe listening
reveals so many truths
and that in stillness
your faith will bloom…
i believe in being
an original
in learning from
the young and the old
i believe
we need to be alone
in order to accept and
balance ourselves
i believe in forgiveness
in releasing relationships
which hurt us
even if we are
connected by blood…
i believe people change
for the better
and the worse…
i believe
some souls
are born broken
and that by letting
in the healing light
of faith
they too
can become whole…
i believe in
never growing up
in play
in throwing paint
in swinging on swings
riding merry go rounds
and eating ice cream
from the container…
i believe in hot coffee
cold titos
and that dogs
can heal anything …
i believe in the top down
loud music
wind in your hair
and crying
while driving…
i believe a sunrise
proves miracles exist
and that the tide
kissing the shore
will always leave you giggling
and playing like a child…
i believe in warm showers
clean jammies
soft sweatshirts
and candle light…
i believe in sharing
with everyone
all i feel,
believe in
and create…
i believe
i am a child of God.
He never
gives up on me
he just loves me
forgives me
and cradles me
in the palm of His hand
assuring me
i am here for a reason
i believe one day
i will journey home
and live eternally…`

what do you believe?