immunity from normalcy at nautilus teachings


they have arrived
full of energy,
lunches in hand
some have their
siblings by their side
others their bff
and then there
are the ones
who are shy
and every time
i turn around
there they are
staring at me
with those big
pleading eyes
asking me
during break
“peel my orange?”
“open this for me?”
they tell me
about their art teachers
how they wish
i was theirs…
their tiny hands
are free flowing,
open minds
hold no rules,
ever busy lips
sharing the latest joke…
they stand or sit
but they are
never, ever still…
they are learning
to let paint
stay layer upon layer
without washing
their hands
to follow guidelines
in how to
manipulate mediums
but all they really care about
“miss sheri, what is next…!!!”

in every project
we undertake
their is a learning lesson…
today’s was about
how important it was
to share and spread
they created a giving project
to share with someone
any one person who is sad
and to continue to make these
tiny gifts
on their own…
i love my
Bali kids summer art camp
i learn so much from them
and i,
like them
cannot wait for tomorrow
and always leave
“i want to sleep here
and soak up
the creativity…”
they want to stay
because they feel magic
accepted, loved
and never judged…
they know,
from day one
no matter what
they create
miss sheri will say,
“it is fabulous,
i love it…”
to all the parents
who believe in art
and in me
who have trusted me
with their beautiful children
thank you…
and don’t forget
their time with me
allows them
from normalcy
and analysis
i don’t give awards
for anything
what they get is
to be
exactly who they
were meant to be
and that
can create…