into softness she slips


into softness
she slips
the vail
gracing her face
the moment is captured
the silence
the color
the memory
of place…
her hands lie so still
no more breath
is drawn
yet he feels
her warmth
he still hears
her life’s song
beside her
the boys
sit in silence
with tears
their memories short
for they
have not seen the years

walk with me
walk with me

she won’t walk the pathways
or hold onto
their hands
i love you’s are gone
for she’s cradled
in God’s hand…
pieces of her love
lie scattered and torn
pillows of sadness
becomes blankets
in this storm
how do you let go
not feel her embrace
not look into her eyes
or see your reflection
upon her face

guide me
guide me

how do you put
just one foot in front
of the other
when in your short life lived
your Lord
has taken
beloved mother?
you don’t understand loss
or the meaning of death
what you need at this time
is to just turn around
and for one brief last moment
I love you mom…
and to hear her voice echo
across you soul
i love you too,
i must go home…