Kool-Aid at nautilus teachings


i would venture to say
most of us grew up
drinking Kool-aid.
my favorite was cherry
although i really loved lemonade too…
my mom was big on Kool-aid
there was always a new pitcher
made every day
and no matter the flavor
we drank it down fast…
we also drank from the
garden hose a lot too…
as soon as my feet hit the floor
in the summer i would
pop into my swimming suit,
grab my towel and bathing cap
and race outside to see my
bff waiting there all
freckle faced, giggling and
donning her matching suit and towel…

ahhhh, besties
and childhood
and long summer days of youth
without a care in the world
there were no packed lunches
or water bottles to lug around
we drank from the fountain in the park
and the fountain at the pool
and when we got home from
water ballet and running around the park
we drank Kool-aid and ate
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…
no chips,
just one of moms homemade cookies
always warm and fresh from the oven…
then we were back outside
riding bikes
playing hopscotch
and skip it
we were rolling down hills
playing jump rope
swimming some more
chasing the birds and squirrels in the park
hanging over the bridge watching the swans glide by
and running as fast as we can…
mid afternoon the bell would ring
and we would all run home to get
our ice cold Kool-aid and another cookie…

life was GOOD!
if it was raining outside
we built tents out of sheets
we played games,
barbies, matchbox cars,
we drew,
played cards
played button, button who’s got the button
or mother may i…
and even when it rained
mom made ice cold Kool-aid…
there was no air conditioning
the one television
was never on
we raked the yard
painted the porch
put up storm windows
washed and waxed the floors
swept the garage
pulled weeds
washed windows
and always was rewarded
with ice chilled Kool-aid…
yes, those were the days
of my youth
that i remember the most
that i wish i could travel back to
just one more time
and be that kid
running through Lords Park
with my bestie
i want to watch the caterpillars climb
the scrubby oak trees
and see the leaves turn orange
and pick up acorns
and smell fall…
all the apple cider and apple doughnuts
to go on hay rides
walk through pumpkin patches
and laugh
the belly laugh of youth…
drinking Kool-aid will always bring
a smile to my face
because it makes me remember Kool-aid mustaches
home made cookies
and my mom…

i know Kool-aid is still sold today
and has many avid consumers
yet it is also used as a slang
“oh, she drinking the Kool-aid…”
“i guess he really drank their Kool-aid…”
when i hear this phrase used
i don’t think happy thoughts
i don’t see the dancing red pitcher of Kool-aid
with that big smile
nor does it bring back childhood memories…
what it does
is little by little
remind me how innocent
we were in the 60’s
how beautiful life was
how simple
apple pie
church on Sundays
and my mother
smiling ear to ear
while she ironed, baked
taught Sunday school,
and always, always, always
held her arms open
for me to fall into…
i miss you mom…