letter to my adult kids at nautilus teachings

mom love you
                              mom loves you

I want you to tell me what you ache for.
I want to know what you dream about
when you are alone.
I want to know what the inner calling of your soul is
because now is your time to answer it.
I want you to smile without fear,
to laugh with a whole heart,
to love freely and surround your entire life
with friends family and those you love.
I want to see you run, walk and even roll down
the path you have chosen with free abandon,
to learn to give,
to be grateful for even the smallest of things.
to hold in the palm of your hand
the gift of this life.
I want to see the energy burst forth
from every pore of your body,
that which you’ve held within since birth.
I want you to twirl around,
to feel the magic,
to know you are an original.
I want you to live your truth
as only you can.
I want you to accept your life-
good and bad.
I want you to make a list of steps
you want to take
to be exactly who you know you are
and who you wish to become.
No one can ever save you!
accept YOU!
in order to be happy
you have to love yourself first
and foremost.
Dig deep inside,
break down your dreams
and then go after them.
No one and nothing can stop you
from the life you choose to live.
And as you do all of this
the right way,
I get to sit back
and watch you
through eyes which have loved you
since first breath.
I got to see your first smile,
hear your first words,
watch you toddle and take your first step….
the list goes on.
Now it is time for me
to watch you
spread your wings
and fly.
Differences we have, yes!
But it’s not my job
to tell you
who you are,
who you love,
and what you choose to be.
It’s my job now
to stand on the sidelines,
to be your cheerleader
and to let you know
without a doubt
YOU are loved
and I am
so, so proud of

family for life
family for life