letting numbers go at nautilus teachings

what is the point
in counting birthdays?
i guess i can see the relevance
up to your 21st, but after that
we tend to count decades
30, 40, 50….
on the morning of my birthday
as i was walking the beach
awaiting the sun to rise
my mind began turning
and highlights of all the
mornings i had watched
the sun welcome a new day
made me smile,
i have so many memories
of early mornings
on the beach…
maybe after 21 we should start
counting sunrises, sunsets, moon phases…
just something besides
how many years mark us
from the day we took our first breath…
can you imagine your
3, 385th sunrise
or how about our 108th new moon celebration,
or the fact that there were 709, 560 high tides
since you turned 21!
what i am talking about is
a new way of thinking…
by ceasing to obsess about numbers
not worrying that you are almost
a certain age,
the age your parents died,
or, the next one you get to
collect social security…
what if we woke up on this
special morning
counted our blessings
expressed gratitude
thought about all the opportunities
which lay before us
which will allow us to grow
learn more
help someone
give back
laugh, love and smile…

it is more difficult to rise up
in the wee dark hours
as time passes
yet when i open my eyes
i push out the fact
that my bones ache
i still feel exhausted
my vision is blurry
and those dang extra 10 lbs
keep hanging on…
instead i wonder
how brilliant will the colors
be as the sun rises over the ocean
will i get to see pelicans
skimming the water
find a beautiful seashell
will i be able to see the moon,
stars and the sun as the same time
for a short moment
or will i wake to a morning sprinkle
which washes away all the
grunge of the day before
and then if i wait long enough
will i see a rainbow?
i think about all the seasons
i have enjoyed,
the springs waking up
to see new buds pushing
up through the hard dirt
the birds making their nests
hoping to one day hear
their little chirps
and maybe if i am lucky
see them fly…
or the russet colored squirrels
who are perched upon my
red christmas palm berries
munching away
or the deep browns, reds and oranges
of fall leaves
just waiting to be racked up
and jumped in…
how about all the winters
i got to sled down the big hills,
the summers i rolled down them
and how much fun it was to raise
my own children, teaching them
the simple pleasure of life…
i wonder how many more cups of coffee
i will get to wake up to every morning-
oh how i love the scent of it brewing,
and take that first sip…
how many bottles of wine?
how would you count the passing of you-
your days,
your life,
your moments?
by color,
wind storms,
level of knowledge?
as we age
birthdays become
numbers don’t matter
years are remembered by,
the year someone got married
someone was born
someone passed away…
oh, that was when i moved to…
i did that when i was a vegan
awwww that was when finny was a puppy…
i am just all for stopping the counting
putting numbers on us
standing on scales
freaking out at my pant size
or how many ways i can
get rid of my crepey skin…
when i hit the speed limit
or double nickels
as some call it,
i smiled
and remembered
all the candy i could buy
when i was a kid for 10 cents
from the store on the corner
or the fact that i could
make a phone call at phone booth
until i was a young mother for the same price…
let’s start a revolution
go against the flow
break away from all rules
and when asked
how old we are,
smile and say,
“today i am a beautiful shade of
turquoise water
lapping the sandy shore…”
“today i am a lazy loo,
wandering the streets
watching people
and soaking it all in…”
or better yet,
“today, i am alive
and life can’t get any better than that!”