life’s soundtrack at nautilus teachings

you are driving
in your car
song comes on
the one you love
because it reminds you
of being with your mom
when you were young
until that one verse
the part you disagree with
because that other person
in your life was the shits
this is the place you
sing very loudly
or you try to
close off your ears
even hum really loudly
blocking out the images
it conjures up
until at last
the soft, glow of warmth
and you are happily singing along…
or how about
your favorite song
that you sing
as loudly and off key
as you can
because you have
to sing it
these words
how could the artist
have ever experienced
exactly what you did
you are filled with
an unbelievable feeling
that you are not odd
or different
in fact
the whole world
and has lived
through the same
shit you have…

then there are the songs
you love
but you have no idea
what the artist is saying
so you make up your
own verse
and then when you
are with friends
and you all start singing
the song,
everyone has made up
their own words
so you end up laughing
at the common
no one knows
what the real words are
so you each share
your version
until you are all
giggling so hard
your belly aches…
once in a blue moon
i will google the lyrics
to a song
and when i read them
i think
‘nope! not singing that.
I’m singing my version
because it’s so much better!’
i remember when i was
pregnant with my
oldest daughter
and a manager
at limited clothing…
it was 1990 and their
theme music all year was
french musicians
leggings were totally in
with the long shirts
that scrunched at your waste…
i had horrible all
9 month long tummy sickness
and to this day
at the first note of
french singing
i get nauseous…
some people have
first love songs
wedding songs
the song on the radio
the day something tragic happened
or the song playing
when any first happened in their life.
what would your theme song be?
is there on artist
you listen to over and over?
what do you want played
at your funeral?
i make play lists for everything
from anger management
to kids paint
ladies night
doc work
work out
with my favorite
being kip and me-
Kip Mazuy is my
driving in the car on a daily basis
go to in crazy traffic mix…
his music calms and soothes me-
people can cut me off
honk at me
even flip the bird
for any reason
and i just float on
happy as can be.
doc says
‘this music is so boring
i’m afraid one day i will
come home and find you dead
from too much meditation!’
this just makes me laugh
i roll my eyes
and think
when i do
bite the dust
take my last breath
meet my maker
what song
would i truly
like playing ?
for me
it would have to be
the dixie chicks
‘everybody knows’.
it’s my go to song
to inspire me to throw paint
get in the creative spirit
what i play when i am angry,
sad or in need of release
it’s just the very first song
i look for on my list-
and yes,
it makes every list
for this reason.
Music is important.
some people can tell their life story
through the generations
of one musician
because although they listen
to many
their life is bound
by the memories
of every concert
they attended
listening to this one
person sing…
music makes you feel
every emotion possible
music makes you step outside
your self and your life
and live
in the hotel california
climb that stairway to heaven
sit on the dock of the bay
but for this ole’
artsy fartsy midewestern chick
it will always be…
“Stepping out, everyone can see my face
All the things I can’t erase from my life
Everybody knows
Standing out so you won’t forget my name
That’s the way we play this game of life
Everybody knows”