lists, kids, God, dogs & humor at nautilus teachings

you’ve made your list.
the day is all planned out
you’ve left plenty of time
for bathroom breaks
maybe even 5 minutes
of you time
and then
place one foot
down upon the floor
what is this?
how did i not
hear my dog vomit last night?
oh, yeah,
must have been that
vodka on the rock i had before bed
to calm me from
you hop on one foot
to the restroom
wipe it off
while you pee
and smile
you think to yourself,
‘not even 7am
and i am already
you flush,
brush your teeth
let the dogs out
and begin your day…
as you turn
you jam your pinky toe
into the doorframe
and scream…
ugh! it’s going to be
this kind of day, is it?
you think to yourself.
you begin your morning routine
of making tea, coffee,
lunches, feed the dogs,
meditation and prayer…
today you are full on demanding,
“GOD!!!! PLEASE make this a
good day!”

you miss the green light
and decide to turn right
and do a u-turn
as you do a runner
comes from out of nowhere
startling you so much
you spill your coffee
on your white shorts…
you breath in, put on
calming music
and convince yourself
today is gonna be grand.
a quick stop at starbucks
yields you a,
“the guy in front of you
paid for your coffee”
you smile
this is your sign…
the table has turned.
you park your car
and as you rise up
your backside squeaks out a long….
‘oh no…not today, Lord…
i don’t have time to be
running to the bathroom…’
you decide to risk it
and enjoy your
delicious expresso
as you ride the elevator
to your floor
unlock your door
and gaze at all the color…
‘ah, you think, i love my life…’
you start up the computer
light a few candles
and sit in silence with your coffee
thinking about all the fun
today will bring you…
the kids arrive
ready to create
sitting patiently
the little mermaid
while you wait for two more
to show up…
20 minutes later
you heave a sigh
and begin…

first you all jump in place
to get out the jitters
a quick bathroom break
and then they all
pick their seats…
not one minute into it
two boys are yelling out
across the table at each other
playing some kind of weird word game
so you pick one of them up
and plop him at another table
with his back to the other boy…
one of your helpers steps up
smiles at you
letting you know
‘she’s got this!’
life is funny.
its way unpredictable
and we are not in control…
we can make all the plans we want
check our list a million times
and their is still that one
‘crap, i forgot…’
this was me,
the first day of camp
was unbelievably awesome.
i think my helpers this year
are beyond the best i have had
so far,
and it helps that i have 7 of them
for the 18 kids…
so they are all painting
and blinging out their masterpieces
when i discover the tails
won’t stay on with
my glue gun…
plan b.
drill holes and attach with wire,
piece of cake!
until i realize
i forgot the wire!!!
we have 10 minutes left of working time
when one of my helpers comes up
and says,
‘don’t worry. we can finish it tomorrow!’
i love these girls…
they are calm, beautiful and smart!
the kids all leave
i run home and get my wire
and sit alone
on a chair
in the doorway to my studio patiently attaching all the tails
so i can pause
and gaze at the colors
and memories of the day…
3 hours later
i realize
‘well, no workout today!’
i slide into my car seat
crank the AC
drive the 1/2 mile home
and am greeted with
wet noses and wagging tales…
my list sits on the counter
with the bold words
i smile
how my day began
scroll through the awesome
moments with all the kids
from the day
thank God for my helpers
and the parents
who trust me
hop in the shower
let the warm water
wash off the paint
and sooth my aching joints…
i open my shower curtain
to find my two dogs
asleep, waiting for me…
it’s good to be loved
it’s good to feel needed
and sometimes
all it takes
is that one mushy face
staring at you
as they lie on the floor
wapping their tail against the ground
just letting you know
they have your back.