livin’ in the hood at nautilus teachings

lovin'  the hood
lovin’ the hood

my husband always says,
“see you in the hood…”
this makes me smile
giggle and sigh…
we live in a fabulous hood,
with drive by hand waves
and drive by horn beeps…
there are walk by dogs
drive by dogs
run by dogs
and a million
lazin’ around the hood cats
no matter what street
you wander down…
livin’ in the hood
means we know our neighbors
their occupations
their kids
and as we all go about our lives
we all “keep an eye out” for anything
out of the ordinary
these are the people
we drive by and wave or smile at
the people we help load up
a truck with
the people who help us find a lost dog
or lend us a cup of sugar
the people who stop and chat
when you are both outside
or ask you questions like
“what kind of palm tree is that”
“who did your landscaping…”
living in the hood
is wonderful.

4 north first light
4N-1/4 mile from hood

it’s a half mile from work,
and groceries,
a mile to the coffee house
two miles to our favorite restaurant
and 3 miles to church
the beach is across the street
and even though we are flooded
with tourists
we can drive to our hood
to find peace and calm
all weekend long
it is a healing place to be…
we love our hood
we are proud to say
we live in the hood…
a perfect place
it is not
but where else
does a cute little boy
bring you a peace sign he made
for you to hang in your car?
where else does a young mom
bring you essential oils for your ankle
because she has noticed you are limping?
or even your garbage man drop off
a piece of wood furniture for you with a note saying,
“thought you’d love to paint this piece!”
whether we walk, run or drive by
there is not a nicer place to live
than in our Cocoa Beach Hood!

just believe
my hood -back yard
soft bravery
daily hood friend