love you baby girl at nautilus teachings

da boys wearing their FSU

baby girl has gone home
gone back to school that is
just 2 days ago
she breezed into the house
all grown up
and gorgeous
one look at her
and my heart
skipped a beat
as i thought to myself-
“my baby girl is home”
of course the boys
went crazy over baby girl
being home
their tales wagged
and their tongues
licked her like
she was a melting
ice cream cone
big ole daddy came home
and nearly cried with joy
that his baby girl was home
the pride just shone in his face
every time he glanced her way…
well life
took over
and less than 48 hours later
it was time for baby girl to go back
my heart sank
the boys pouted
and big ole daddy smiled through tears
and said
“that’s how life is momma, baby girl has
grown up now. it’s her time to fly, we just
need to love her from afar…”
i started a balling like a baby and said
“but I want my baby girl back…
the one who would let me hold her toes
the arms that reached for me every day
that sweet smile underneath those big brown eyes
i want it all back again…”
big ole daddy just chuckled and pulled me close
in a big hug
and said
“momma, that’s what memories are for,
hold them close… baby girl loves you so much
she’s just growing up…”
i knew it was the truth
that baby girl had flown for sure
and i was so proud…

momma pride
momma pride

baby girl was home once more
breezin’ in like a soft summer song
her grace and beauty
captured big ole’ daddy’s heart
filled my memory bucket to overflowin’
each time she returns
big ole’ daddy and I see her a growin’ up even more
not here for more than the time it takes to
spit a watermelon seed down some steps
it’s always a blessin’ to have her home
as fast as she blew in
she stirred us all up
and kept on the track of movin’ on
the boys are mopin’ around right now
and it’s all i can do to see through my tears
to paint just a smidgen of somethin’ today..
big ole’ daddy said to me after baby girl left
“momma, our girl is gonna take over this world one day…”
i jus smiled through my tears, nodded my head and said,
“Lord have mercy, I be hopin’ she don’t forget us…”
big ole’ daddy laughed that deep belly laugh o’ his
and said
“momma, you done good. she done fly the coop. but she also
done know we love her,
so put dem worries aside and be proud”
Oh baby girl, this momma is so proud of you
and loves you even more
why today when you were helpin’ me
put the ornaments on the tree
i wanted to just scream with joy
“my baby girl be helpin’ me once more…”
but i couldn’t, the memories were a flowin’ in and out so fast
i done needed to jus keep my mouth shut and my heart open…

baby girl moved home after college
took a job servin’ coffee at the local shop
smiled, laughed
and made some friends…
every day the boys would wait
with their noses stuffed
between the slats of the shutters
just a waitin’ for baby girl to drive up…
she would come in the house
screamin’ “booooooyyyyyyysssss”
a pitch so high it hurt my ears
but always brought a smile
to my face
and their tails a waggin’…
then she would lay upon her bed and
in her spare time
she was lookin’ for a real job…
this done drove me crazy
havin’ a grown baby girl
who did not need a thing from me
accept to keep my mouth shut
smile and love her…
i can’t tell you how many times
over the 5 months she was here
i bit my tongue so hard
it started bleedin’…
every mornin’ on my run
i ran faster
whenever i wanted to speak
i left the room
and big ole’ daddy would just giggle
smile and in that low, slow voice of his
wrap baby girl up in his wisdom
and draw out every secret she held
never sharing any with me…
5 months passed
she got a job
and baby girl left…
and me, I cried like a baby
and still am cryin’
big ole’ daddy he just shakes his head
and says,
“momma, we bake ‘em to release
them onto the world…”
but i know when he sits
in that big ole chair
in between patients
he sheds a tear or two himself…
baby girl is on the road
cat beside her
ready to take on the world
and me and big ole’ daddy
will fall back into routine
remembering the words
she whispered through her tears
“don’t worry momma, I’ll be back,
i love you…”

love you baby girl